SEMA 2020: Wayne’s World Brings Us RaceTec Pistons’ Autotec II Line

By Hootinanny / November 11, 2020

LS motor piston from Race Tec’s brand new Autotec II line.

RaceTec Pistons is Wayne Brooks’ second venture into the piston production industry. Brooks previously owned JE Pistons and was very successful for making and selling some of the best pistons produced at that time. Over twenty years as the mind of the company, he decided to market and retire.

A number of years into retirement, he noticed the piston industry change within a direction he thought was harmful to enthusiasts. Deciding retirement was not very what he had in mind, he at this point had a desire to return back to the piston manufacturing business. RaceTec Pistons will be the result of that decision.

“We are also the only piston company which is using a state of the art D. T. T. Engine Dyno to help in the advancement our designs, ” said Stacey Stone of RaceTec Pistons’ Motorsports Sales.   “Having our internally dyno along with our customers to build up and refine piston design provides helped us to deliver a superior item. ”

The objective, according to Stacey, “is keeping this user friendly and accommodate the basic and Saturday night racer. ” All this is done with design plus manufacturing expertise that “delivers the particular tolerances expected by the highest amount of race engine builders, ” this individual added.

Autotec II Line

The company’s solid Autotec collection has been the bread and butter of the new company. With the new year, RaceTec is opening up its catalog products by rolling out the new Autotec II line. Stacey says the brand new Autotec II line will “initially be available for the super popular LS series and conventional 23-degree small-block Chevy engines, and the small-block Kia and Chrysler applications. ”

According to Stacey, these components are designed to help bridge the space between the Racetec Ultra Duty pistons and the Street Performance Autotec collection and maintain affordability for these customers.   The Autotec II line may also be available in full custom.

For more information on the new Autotec II line of RaceTec pistons, visit all of them online at  racetecpistons. com .

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