Keeping in mind Chevy Diss Ford’s Man Action: Video

By Hootinanny / December 22, 2020

Back in 2009, Chevy made the thirty-second TV ad for the Silverado pickup truck which did almost nothing yet mock the tailgate step in the rival Ford F-150. Pro Soccer Hall of Famer Howie Lengthy, acting as the owner of the Chevy truck, watches his Ford-owning equal as he climbs awkwardly down through his vehicle, then starts to leave without folding up the step, which usually made the process slightly easier compared to it might have been.

“Hey, buddy. You left your small, uh… man action down, ” states Long, helpfully, but also in the possible vocal tone he might have used to let the various other dude know his lipstick had been smudged. A voiceover artist after that asks, “Would you rather have the Ford F-150 with a man phase, or a Silverado that backs a person for 100, 000 miles or even five years? ” apparently not being able to notice that tailgate accessories plus warranty arrangements are not mutually unique.

2016 Chevrolet Silverado with CornerStep back bumper

Nicely, it was all good fun at the time, however it side-stepped the fact that another Chevy pickup truck had previously been offered along with something very much like a man step. The particular CornerStep fender fitted to the Chevrolet Avalanche from the 2001 to 06 model years was arguably the neater and more functional arrangement compared to Ford step, but it performed exactly the same service.

At the time of the particular Silverado ad, the original CornerStep has been long gone, though there was still the cutout step in the center of the rear fender. Then a new-generation CornerStep appeared upon another Chevy truck, the 2014 Chevrolet Silverado , and its corporate cousin, the 2014 GMC Sierra . It then appeared on the associated with GM’s truck portfolio, including the 2015 Chevrolet Silverado HIGH DEFINITION , 2015 GMC Sierra HIGH-DEFINITION, 2015 Chevy Colorado and 2015 GMC Canyon .

And then came another CornerStep fender with even larger cutouts to support heavier footwear. This improved CornerStep made its debut on the 2019 Chevy 1500 and the 2019 GMC Sierra 1500 , followed on the 2020 Chevy HD and the 2020 GMC Sierra HD .

GM’s commitment to designing user-friendly pick-ups has led to the introduction of the multi-function tailgate known as MultiPro on GENERAL MOTORS CO vehicles and Multi-Flex when suited to a Chevy truck. This resulted in the “Jaw Drop” ad for your 2019 GENERAL MOTORS CO Sierra , in which Ford plus RAM owners – and even their particular vehicles – react in wonder to the versatility of the MultiPro tail gate.

For those who either haven’t seen Chevy’s “Man Step” advertisement or just don’t remember it, right here it is in all its glory:

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