Comeback: Ultra4 Unveils Great American Short Course Race Series

By Hootinanny / February 23, 2021

Short program off-road racing is back with the statement of the new Great American Brief Course series.

Short course off-road racing has returned and better than ever! The Great American Short Program (GAS) off-road race series will debut with 4 events on well-known short program tracks near major metropolitan facilities. Now you won’t have to miss one of the big-air jumps, drag races throughout the front straightaway, or fender-banging part action of exciting short training course off-road racing you have enjoyed for several years.

Veteran short training course off-road race series director Shelter Perfect and Ultra4 /King of the Hammers (KOH) race promoter Dave Cole of Hammerking Productions recently introduced the formation of the new Great American Brief Course powered simply by OPTIMA Electric batteries off-road racing collection.   “We plan to take a newest look at short course racing on the western part of the country and learn from each other to build some thing sustainable, safe, and fun for everybody from the grassroots racers to the advantages, ” commented Perfect.

The idea is to create a new brief course off-road racing series which will attract many of the sport’s biggest professional drivers like Kyle LeDuc, Take advantage of MacCachren, and Bryce Menzies. It will likewise develop a multi-layered vehicle class framework that will include regional and grassroots racers. The promotors are also working on a few surprises (we’re wishing for a Class 11 stock VOLKS WAGEN Bug race) for short program off-road racing fans.

The relationship of veteran short-course off-road competition series director Lee Perfect plus Ultra4/King of the Hammers (KOH) manufacturer Dave Cole will use engaging video clip and live streaming to put competition fans in the virtual driver’s chairs and on the race track.

Working with the engaging movie and live streaming capabilities Kammerking Productions is known for, short program off-road racing fans will be completely immersed in the racing action, whether or not they are able to attend open spectator occasions or not. “We learned from Ruler of the Hammers that it’s preferable to have your fans actively take part at the events than just sit right now there watching, and we aim to provide that will opportunity here, ” explained Dork Cole.

The full competition schedule for the Great American Brief Course off-road racing series continues to be to be released. What we do know is the fact that two events are tentatively prepared for April and May, and 2 events are slated for Oct and November. For more details plus schedule updates, check out the Great American Short Program website .

Multiple vehicle is planned for the Great American Brief Course off-road racing series, which includes a “surprise class” being prepared up by the promotors.

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