Cherokee Nation Chief Asks Jeep To Stop Using Tribe's Name

By Hootinanny / February 23, 2021

Jeep is under pressure to alter the names of its Cherokee and Jeep grand cherokee models

Jeep - Cherokee Country Chief Asks Jeep To Stop Making use of Tribe' s Name - News

Jeep may soon need to discover new names for its Cherokee plus Grand Cherokee SUVs. Largely driven with a shift in attitudes following 2020’s Black Lives Matter protests, the particular sporting world has changed various Indigenous American-themed names and images, and today Stellantis is facing a reckoning of its own.

Get rid of Hoskin Jr., Principal Chief from the Cherokee Nation, would rather Jeeps Sports utility vehicles go under a different name. “I think we’re in a day and age group in this country where it’s period for both corporations and group sports to retire the use of Indigenous American names, images and mascots from their products, team jerseys plus sports in general, ” he mentioned.

Jeep - Cherokee Country Chief Asks Jeep To Stop Making use of Tribe' s Name - News

“I’m sure this originates from a place that is well-intended, but it will not honor us by having our title plastered on the side of a car, ” he said in a statement provided to Vehicle and Driver , adding, “The best way to honor us would be to learn about our sovereign government, the role in this country, our background, culture, and language and have significant dialogue with federally recognized people on cultural appropriateness. ”
In a responding statement, 4×4 said:

“Our vehicle brands have been carefully chosen and nurtured over the years to honor and commemorate Native American people for their the aristocracy, prowess, and pride. We are, nowadays, committed to a respectful and open up dialogue with Cherokee Nation Primary Chief Chuck Hoskin, Jr. ”

Jeep - Cherokee Nation Chief Asks Jeep To prevent Using Tribe' s Name : News

Jeep, which has used the tribe’s name for over 40 years, is in a comparatively good position to re-title the particular Grand Cherokee. The latest ‘WL’-generation version provides only just been revealed in three-row form, and it won’t be for sale until later in 2021. The particular ‘KL’ Cherokee meanwhile has been throwing around since 2013, so need to Jeep be replacing it, the next-gen version will be on the horizon.

By picking a new title, Jeep would be following in the footsteps from the NFL’s Washington Football Team plus Major League Baseball’s Cleveland Indians. The former has temporarily retitled by itself while it mulls over a long-term alternative to its former ‘Redskins’ nickname, regarded as by the National Congress of United states Indians to be a racial slur. These meanwhile ditched its controversial ‘Chief Wahoo’ logo in 2018 and can drop the ‘Indians’ part of the name after the 2021 season proves.

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