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Make Your Car’s Tint Last Longer With These Tips

Make Your Car’s Tint Last Longer With These Tips

Window car tinting in Dubai should be protected from ultraviolet rays that can burn the skin when they bounce off the surface. These rays will eventually wear down window tints and make them less effective. The amount of UV that hits the window tinting depends on your state. Sunlight in southern states is much higher than in northern ones because the sun rises higher in the sky. During the winter months, UV rays are even stronger. Therefore, it is important to park your vehicle inside an enclosed garage.

Cleaning with ammonia-based window cleaners:

To keep car tinting looking great, you should clean your windows with a glass cleaner that does not contain ammonia. Cleaning your windows with ammonia-based glass cleaners will damage the film and jeopardize your health. Ammonia-free window cleaners such as Sprayway are the best option. This type of glass cleaner is formulated to leave no residue or streaks on your car windows.

Avoiding razor blades:

If you want your car tinting to last longer, you should avoid using razor blades. They can scratch the film and break the heating stripes. Similarly, scouring pads and newspapers can scratch the tinted film. Additionally, steam cleaning and car wash steamers can damage the tint film.

Proper installation:

The first step to a successful car window tinting project is to clean your windows. This means you should wash your windows thoroughly to remove dirt or debris. Then, you should remove any release liners that have been left on the window film. Once the windows have been clean, the application solution will be sprayed on the window tint.

UV-blocking technology:

A window film with UV-blocking technology is your best bet when it comes to blocking ultraviolet rays. Nano-ceramic window film rejects more than ninety percent of ultraviolet rays. Its nanoparticles block 99% of UVA and UVB rays. Plus, it also adds strength to your car’s window. Those factors make window film last longer and keep you comfortable on the road.


The window tint in your car will last longer if it is stored in a garage. It will also last longer if you park your car in an area with shade and is consistently out of the sun. If you live in a climate with warm summers, you can keep your tint in place for an extended period. However, in cases where you park your car outdoors in direct sunlight or the sun, you may want to consider hiring a professional to do it for you.