3 Tips to Relieve the Suffering of Driving in an Unfamiliar Rental Car

3 Tips to Relieve the Suffering of Driving in an Unfamiliar Rental Car

3 Tips to Relieve the Suffering of Driving in an Unfamiliar Rental Car

The first thing that should help relieve the suffering of driving in an unfamiliar rental vehicle is to be familiar with the controls and switches on the car. You should know which ones control headlights, turn signals, windshield wipers, and climate controls, but don’t forget to find out how to adjust your mirrors. Before you hire Ferrari in Dubai, make sure that you have roadside assistance insurance. By following these tips, you’ll have a great car rental experience!

Adjust mirrors to your height and visibility

You may not realize how important it is to adjust mirrors when driving. While most drivers will adjust their mirrors to suit their height and visibility, you need to consider how they can affect your vision. For example, you may want to flip the side mirror upside down, raising it by two inches if you’re tall. This will help you better see what’s behind you. Remember that side mirrors are not designed to look forward, and many motorists adjust them to keep a view of their car’s flanks. Although adjusting your side mirrors to your height and visibility may seem convenient, this practice can cause you a blind spot.

Have roadside assistance insurance

When renting a car from a foreign country, make sure you purchase roadside assistance insurance. Many personal auto insurance policies cover this benefit, but many do not. Additionally, most insurance policies do not cover roadside assistance for rental cars. One of the best ways to protect yourself when traveling is to purchase a roadside assistance insurance rider. There are some best-known roadside assistance companies in the country. They cover you in any car, including a rental car. It is also included in a membership with a car manufacturer.

Avoiding unexpected fees

To avoid paying unexpected fees when renting a rental car, pay attention to the rental office’s hours and specific times. There are often late fees and an additional day fee if you return your car later than scheduled. The rental contract will indicate if these extras are included or not. Be sure to ask what kind of extras are necessary and whether they are listed in the rental agreement.


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