Honda Has Sold A Brand New CR-Z Four Years After It Was Killed Off

Someone in the USA has purchased an example of the dinky manual-gearboxed cross coupe four years after it had been discontinued, and we can only salute all of them

Honda - Honda Has Marketed A Brand New CR-Z Four Years Right after It Was Killed Off - News

Some dedicated soul in the united states has bought what may have been the last unregistered CR-Z coupe in the nation – four yrs after Honda axed it.

Very sometimes, a car whose time is reduce short by its maker may live on. Where a car has some ignite of intrigue, one can sometimes endure for years in a showroom or storage space bay, slowly being forgotten. We all don’t know quite whether that is the whole story, here, but all of us do know Honda USA sold 1.

Honda - Honda Provides Sold A Brand New CR-Z Four Yrs After It Was Killed Off : News

The CR-Z includes a niche following thanks to its little size, agile handling and mixture of hybrid power and manual transmission. Personally, I loved it; the chassis felt reminiscent of the Renault Sport Clio 172/182 , while the electric help gave it more punch compared to you’d credit a 1 . 5-litre non-turbo petrol engine with.

While we don’t however know who bought the car or even where, or when exactly throughout 2020 the sale came, the truth that one has sold inevitably sparks problem of what other old-but-never-registered cars continue to be lurking around in showrooms plus warehouses. If anyone knows of any kind of, let us know.

Honda - Ford Has Sold A Brand New CR-Z 4 Years After It Was Killed Away from - News

Like all vehicle manufacturers, Honda has had a challenging 2020, with factory shutdowns, car dealership closures and financial markets uncertainness, not helped by record joblessness in key sales markets. Product sales were down 17. 2 % across the wider Honda vehicles department in the USA, with Acura down thirteen. 5 per cent.

Nevertheless, at least the CR-Z helped. A little.

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