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Magnus Walker has made the name for himself as a Porsche influencer with a collection that includes many methods from air-cooled 930 Turbos to front-engined 944 track stars and even a SEMA-bound 914 art vehicle . But Walker is also branching out beyond Stuttgart’s products, recently picking up a pair of E-Type Jaguars and exploring a new relationship with Mercedes-Benz .

Clearly, he’s not really treading the same well-worn path since many Porsche purists, who tend to dislike anything that’s not strictly an air-cooled 911. I recently visited Walker’s The downtown area Los Angeles Arts District headquarters in order to chat about a new video this individual released in partnership with NativeFour entitled “Ascension” and was amazed to discover he also counts four various versions of the infamous 996-generation 911 in his stable.

Now, everyone to know anything about Porsches has definitely heard all the hype about water-cooling, IMS bearings, and headlight styles that render the 996 probably the most controversial car of all time. Yet when I recently took the high-mileage 996 Cabriolet out for the test drive , I came aside incredibly impressed, so I had to test Magnus Walker on what he enjoys about such a divisive model since it fits into Porsche’s long plus storied history. Luckily, he had been happy to launch into an off-the-cuff description of his 996 collection, which usually runs the gamut from earlier base models to a rare high-spec (and high-mileage) 911 GT2 which he believes Darth Vader could have powered.

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As Master pointed out, any conversation about the 996 generation immediately devolves into a discussion of Porsche leaving air-cooled motors behind in favor of water-cooling, which resulted in IMS bearing flaws, and divisive headlight designs. Walker himself basically too concerned about such things, though he or she did admit he prefers the particular 996. 1 headlights on his Pads Red 1999 Aerokit car ( identifiable by factory option program code XAA under the frunk hood ), which were shared with both the GT1 Le Mans racer and the 986 Boxster.

While some 996 owners might lie awake during the night worried their IMS bearing may implode any day, Walker focuses read more about how his car drives—296 hp and 258 lb-ft of torque in the rear-engined, rear-wheel-drive coupe that weighs in at less than 3, 000 pounds seems pretty good.

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Right after early 996 buyers went upward in arms, decrying the decision to permit the 911 to share so many areas of the body with the lower-priced Boxster—including everything forwards of the front doors—Porsche made the headlight change for the 996. two generation by essentially swapping within the “broken-eggshell” headlights that had earlier been reserved for the 911 Turbocharged. Besides the looks, this headlight style also allowed for better air flow to the car’s front-mounted radiators, which usually helps to support the 996. 2’s larger 3. 6-liter flat-six motor that was rated at 320 hp when new (despite the embrace displacement, the 996. two in coupe form nevertheless weighs in at less than several, 000 pounds whenever equipped with a manual transmission).

Incredibly, Walker found their Slate Grey 996. 2 with regard to only $5, 000 after posting on his popular Instagram give food to that he was in the marketplace. Sure, it’s high-mileage (he confesses he doesn’t even know how a lot of miles the odometer shows) and it has been repainted, but once again, Master focuses on the fact that it drives remarkably well. Try finding a better vehicle at that price anywhere—good fortune.

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Probably the most prized example in Walker’s 996 menagerie is the GT3 instantly on display behind his garage doorway. Unfortunately, it’s not an unicorn GT3 RS, which is Walker’s number-one preferred Porsche GT model ever unfortunately he never sold in America. Possibly to generate up for that dearth, he do have his “base” GT3 straight into the renowned Porsche fine-tuning shop SharkWerks to get a lookover before picking it up within 2018.

If SharkWerks had their way, there’s a great chance this GT3 could keep plan a legit GT3 RS plus live up to its matte black engine, mirror caps, and side lines that hearken back to the renowned Brumos Porsches of old. During factory trim, the 996 GT3 remains impressive to this day thanks to the 3. 6-liter Mezger engine, which usually pumped out 380 horsepower having a screaming redline of 8, two hundred RPM.

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When Walker’s GT3 isn’t the ruler of the hill in his 996 selection, then the black 2002 GT2 over takes the cake. It’s most likely the most valuable, simply due to the rarity factor, even though he bought from Paul Kramer of AutoKennel with around ninety, 000 miles on the clock. (It also benefits from $50, 000 within receipts passed along from the earlier owner, who daily drove this in California. )

The GT2 reigned as Porsche’s legit range-topping supercar until the first of the Carrera GT in 2005, thanks to twin-turbos bolted onto the Mezger flat-six. Compared to its modern Turbo, the GT2 employed improved turbines, larger intercoolers, revised ELECTRONIC CONTROL UNIT tuning, and rear-wheel-drive only, which usually earned it the “Widowmaker” name because amateurs might have struggled in order to tame up to 477 horsepower plus 472 lb-ft of torque (those statistics are for 2004 models—Walker’s 2002 model year would have been ranked slightly lower, at 456 race horses and 457 lb-ft of twist).

As a sign showing how far every automaker in the industry comes since the early-2000s, especially with regards to turbocharging, the range-topping 996 GT2’s specifications actually compare quite closely to the present 992-gen Carrera S, which usually Walker refers to as the non-Turbo turbocharged . The only difference is that in which a 996 GT2 would have weighed (at most) 3, 175 pounds in the factory, the 992 Carrera Ersus can balloon up to over 3 or more, 700 pounds with ease.

Walker may prefer the GT3 meant for spirited driving, but the GT2 offers its pros, too. It functions slightly softer suspension and has a lot more interior amenities (all-leather everything), however the best part might be when that enhance kicks in and the GT2 shows why it was capable of a four. 0-second sprint to 60 kilometers per hour way back in 2002. Master describes his GT2 as the Porsche Darth Vader might have driven, partly thanks to the blacked-out wheels, but this individual wanted me to convey that he is on the lookout for some original factory GT2 wheels instead.

They may be hard to find, since they’re not shared with turbo charged and measure 8. 5 ins up front with a whopping 12 in . out back—but that’s the kind of rubberized required to tame the GT2’s remarkable boost when it snaps heads back again on the Angeles Crest Highway that will Magnus Walker could almost contact home by now.

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