An Incredible 1967 Mustang fastback by Matthew Hickey

Here we have an excellent submission from down under from Matt Hickey and his fantastic looking 1967 Mustang fastback.

‘ Hi guys, Matthew Hickey (from Sydney, Australia) is my title and here is my ’ 67 fastback in Highland green.
The car was taken returning to bare metal a couple years back again.
My kids love it, since they’ ve grown up with it simply because they were really little. ’

‘ My 67 mustang (3 speed hurst shifter manual)had to be taken back to bare metal. The got a 302 with 289 heads. Looks and sounds awesome. ’

‘ Despite the fact that there was no rust, there were several sunken divots/cracks on the roof line & the panel beater said ‘ the previous owners to the car experienced taken the cheaper way out & kept adding paint on to the current duco.
If we simply sprayed over on top & I’ d have the samething happen inside a couple years time. So it had been taken back to bare metal & painted in my favourite Highland eco-friendly.

It was done in Questionnaire & it was an amazing job along with commendable comments everywhere I proceed how good it looks. The color & panel is or quite close to concours condition.
I deleted some side badging & deleted FORD on the hood to give it a bullitt appear.
When I to muscle tissue car shows with my kids, we all notice that our ’ 67 fastbacks paint/panel is up there with best 10%.


It was originally imported by a muscle mass car dealer & I had this trailered to Sydney & was the 1st Aussie owner to register this in Australia.
Together with ongoing mechanicals to engine, diff, suspension system, interior upgrades & Kelsey Hayes disc brakes, the car has changed from a daily driver to some thing special.
Ive possessed it now for 8 yrs & is a part of myself & my kids life. We have also viewed it increase in value over the last almost eight years, so it’ s a great investment as well. (If I had of purchased a bmw for 50k 8 in years past instead, you’ d be fortunate to get $12k Aus for it today. )
I’ ve had a car full of girls perform mustang Sally to me at a group of traffic lights & a guy shouting out he’ s gonna purchase it off me there in then at another set. Yet it’ s never for sale. ’




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