The 2019/1969 Dodge Charger Hellcat Concept

By Dave Ashton

There’ s usually something very sexy and attractive about a high-quality restomod build. The entire point of a restomod build would be to take the classic looks from a classic muscle car and then kit this out with the latest and finest parts. Not just that, but also providing the vehicle with the detail and finish to show the heads of the most critical display judges.

In this regard, Sixtwelve Autoworx Have stuck to this basic principle, opting to migrate all the best pieces from a modern Dodge Charger Hellcat into a classic 1969 Charger. The best idea was to give classic appears, but also as it states at the beginning of it, the feeling and drivability that you’ d expect in a modern Hellcat Charger.

Making almost everything works seamlessly is the number one job which started with upgrading the particular suspension, a cold air consumption and a Magna flow exhaust. The rest was bone stock out of the Hellcat. Lining up everything so it suits, then making loads of parts through carbon fiber was the common theme right here, with many tweaks needed to the original Phone chrgr body to make everything fit.


For example , the reason of how they molded a new looking glass enclosure to fit the workings from the Hellcat version, shows the level of fine detail put into this build.

You’ re obviously going to need to dig deep into your funds to take pleasure from a ride such as this one. However if you want the best of the best of getting married to the old and the new, you can’ t go far wrong with this particular build.

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