Connected Chevrolet Cars See Exponential Growth In South America

Exactly five years ago, in December 2015, General Motors introduced the Chevrolet Cruze equipped with OnStar and an online connection as the first truly linked car in South America. Since then, the business has incorporated this technology directly into most of the vehicles it sells in this region, where Chevrolet connected vehicles have seen a large increase in volume in the last year.

In Brazil solely, the largest auto market in the region, Chevy has a fleet of some 215, 000 active connected cars up to now. This represents an increase of eighty percent compared to the amount it got in December 2019, consolidating the Ribbon and bow Tie brand as the absolute head in connectivity in the South United states country. The number of connected Chevrolet automobiles throughout the southern continent currently surpasses 350, 000 units.

“People are increasingly connected which requires more bytes, said the particular Director of Connected Services from GM South America, Rosana Herbst, within a press release. “Consumers are also looking for optimum internet quality, including in the vehicle, where speed and travel impact the stability of the cellular signal, ” she explained.

Chevrolet’s linked car revolution in South America started in September 2019 with the mid-cycle update from the second-generation Cruze , the first automobile to offer an on-board Wi-Fi killer spot in the region. However , the model accountable for the significant increase of linked cars in the South American marketplace was the new Chevrolet Onix , which continued sale during the same month last year in Brazilian .

GM promises that on-board Wi-Fi consumption within Chevrolet connected cars increased thirty times this year in Brazil by itself, the digital acceleration caused by the particular COVID-19 pandemic being one of the catalysts behind that massive growth. The particular technology is available in the Onix, Tracker , Cruze, S10 , TrailBlazer and Camaro as an aggressive advantage for the Bow Tie brand name in the region.

In addition to faster routing, social media and streaming performance because of a much more powerful antenna than a cellular phone’s, Chevrolet’s on-board Wi-Fi connection innovates by now enabling over-the-air up-dates using OnStar’s advanced services. They are considered important advantages for customers, improving the brand’s image in the region.

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