Change Is Good: Blue Diamond Oil Long-Term Test, Part I

You know the phrase, “In this for the long haul”? Diesels match that description to a T, found to. On long drives and all kinds of conditions, they’re expected to succeed, and Sizzling Shot’s Secret produced that mission even more apparent whenever we installed one of their Frantz essential oil filtration systems, designed with long range plus reliability in mind.

Lately, it came time to bring in the 2018 Chevrolet 2500HD in for a good oil change. Quickly, we noticed we had an unique opportunity on our fingers. You might recall that we installed the Frantz oil filtration system on this pickup truck and poured in Blue Diamond PAO essential oil , which is a full synthetic essential oil that’s touted as some of the longest-lasting in the market.

It started off with our 2018 Duramax coming in for an oil modify. But now, we’re planning on bringing this in again and again – every five, 000 miles – so we may test the Blue Diamond essential oil that keeps it running!

Given this imposing explanation, we wanted to see for ourself just how robust Blue Diamond essential oil really is. Over the next several months, we will be taking a look at the oil over time and find out how it maintains its strength as the miles tick by.

Product Background

Let’s go into some more detail, very first by examining the oil a lot more closely. To help us learn more about Azure Diamond PAO oil, we talked with Hot Shot’s Secret’s Specialized Director, Aaron Darnell. “Blue Gemstone is a high-quality oil meant for programs that have a need for high durability, ” he said.

“Blue Diamond is made from Group 4 base oils, which are known as polyalphaolefins, or PAOs for short, ” he continued. “Compared to Team I, II, and III bottom oils, PAOs possess superior features concerning oxidation, volatility, and shear. They are pure, true synthetics, and so are well-suited to dealing with extreme heat changes, both hot and chilly. ”

Going into a lot more detail on these traits, Darnell shared what made Blue Diamond essential oil some of the most resilient out there when it comes to oxidation process. “As a PAO, Blue Gemstone oil has superior oxidation opposition over mineral oils and Team III synthetics, ” he stated. “This is due to their linear agreement and lack of aromatic compounds. They are also fully saturated and therefore shielded from oxidation, whereas mineral-based plus Group III synthetic oils have got points on the hydrocarbon chains which are prone to oxidation. ”

For future installments, we’ll make use of oil analysis test kits to assess the oil’s TBN (Total Foundation Number) and other properties. If needed, we have Hot Shot’s Secret TBN Booster to restore the oil’s cosmetic.

Another important element in Blue Diamond oil’s favor can be its purity. “Thanks to the high purity levels, Blue Gemstone oil has a lower volatility and may work better with additives, ” stated Darnell. “Lower volatility also means much less emissions. They also don’t form crystalline structures thanks to their polymer spine. In a nutshell, Blue Diamond oil offers longer drain intervals, less use, less maintenance cost, and cleanser operation. ”

Kick off point: Replacing The Oil And Wearing Miles

As stated just before, we want to test Blue Diamond essential oil as time and mileage increase. We’re starting fresh with brand new oil, new filter media for your Frantz system, and an essential oil test of the pure Blue Gemstone oil to measure against with regard to future analysis tests.

Changing the oil on the vehicle was pretty straightforward. Underneath, we all removed the drain plug and then let the oil pour out for several mins. Once it appeared to be trickling, all of us went ahead and removed the particular stock and Frantz filters. We all replaced these with their respective filtration system elements, filled the truck plan Blue Diamond 15W40 oil, plus turned the truck back upon.

Removing the share oil filter and used Frantz filter.

This particular part of the journey is just the starting place. As of now, the truck is wearing miles as the owner goes regarding his daily routine. We’ll supply another update once the truck gets to 5, 000 miles, where we will do another oil analysis check. This will give us a clear image on how the oil is doing. These types of tests provide for a wide amount of information, showcasing things like Total Base Amount, which measures alkaline concentration between acidic runoff of combustion contrary to the basic properties of oil. Quite simply, the higher the TBN, the better from the oil is.

We all replaced the oil filters plus topped off the oil in the Duramax. We’ll see this truck once again in 5, 000 miles!

As far as predictions move, Darnell offered some interesting ideas. “The Total Base Number [TBN] will decrease, however it will be hard to guess, ” this individual said. “Heavy pulling, racing, or even spirited driving lower the TBN faster than just cruising. Probably the most convincing part of the story is that the viscosity may drop very little, and it will still be within grade, since it’s a PAO. ”

However , Darnell cautioned that we may find a fake flag in the results regarding oxidation process. “Depending on how the lab chooses to quantify the results, it’s feasible the results will flag for oxidation process, but that will be a false reading through since our oil has a higher ester content for the sake of additives, ” he explained. “The part of the range that tests for oxidation furthermore reads esters. So don’t get worried if you get results indicating higher oxidation. The baseline for oxidation process on our Blue Diamond 15W-40 is simply above 50. ”

With this knowledge in mind and the curiosity stoked, we’re eagerly waiting for more results as the miles mark by. We plan to do testing every 5, 000 miles, therefore stay tuned, as in a few more weeks, we will have results for the 5K, 10K, and 15K mileage tests. Meanwhile, be sure to visit Hot Shot’s Secret to learn more about Blue Diamond essential oil and what it can do for your diesel powered workhorse.

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