Awesome Sauce: Four-Wheel-Drive Off-Road Porsche 911 Race Car

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The new Singer Vehicle Design All-terrain Competition Study (ACS) four-wheel-drive off-road Porsche 911 noticed here will make the company a household title in the off-road-racing world. During an unique interview with Off Road Xtreme, Mazen Fawaz, CEO of the Singer Team told us, “A long-term customer approached us with the idea of rebuilding two of his air-cooled Porsche 911s. As motorsport geeks, vehicles like the 911 SC/RS and Dakar 959 are heroes to all of us. This checked all the boxes. I had formed raced a Trophy Truck included in Jenson Button’s Rocket Motorsport , so wilderness racing had gotten under the skin we have. ”

The Singer Vehicle Style All-terrain Competition Study (ACS) 4wd Porsche 911 could be a match for almost any off-road race car or truck.

Singer is the brainchild associated with car designer and ex-rock-and-roller Take advantage of Dickinson. Singer has been crafting competitors cars for years. This new task produced two phenomenal race cars. A single was a Porsche 911 in Corsica Red for high-speed track activities. The second was this mind-blowing rough-road Porsche 911 in Singer’s well-known Parallax White for high-speed wilderness racing. It could give any rough-road race car or truck a run because of its money.

Singer individuals Richard Tuthill, whose race-prepped Porsche 911s have been winning off-road and track for decades. The most recent was a success in the 2019 East African Firefox Classic – a remarkable fourth report for Tuthill in the grueling five, 000-kilometer event across Kenya plus Tanzania.

Tuthill also offers experience in World Rally Tournament (WRC) competition and events this kind of Paris-Dakar. Fawaz told us, “Tuthill has been part of the Singer team that will developed the driving characteristics for the Dynamics and Lightweighting Study. Their company has links back to the initial 911 SC/RS program – therefore it was a perfect fit to partner with your pet to bring that knowledge to this vehicle. ”

Singer’s ACS Porsche 911 off-road race car features twelve inches of ground clearance at trip height and takes advantage of up to twelve inches of suspension travel.

When asked about substantial changes or alterations to turn this into a vehicle capable of handling the bustle of the off-road competition, Fawaz mentioned, “It was extensive. The monocoque was significantly strengthened, and there are an FIA-certified roll cage within. These cars take a hammering within competition. Turbocharging and the torque it offers was useful for competition. ”

The 450hp flat-six air-cooled engine along with twin intercooled turbos powers this particular awesome four-wheel-drive off-road Porsche 911.

The car furthermore gained a full-time four-wheel-drive program, sequential racing transmission, and front side, center, and rear limited-slip differentials. A custom suspension was created along with twin competition-spec shock absorbers at each part.   The Singer ACS Porsche 911 off-road race car functions 12 inches of ground clearance from ride height and takes advantage of as much as 12 inches of suspension traveling.   Inside, there’s state-of-the-art GPS NAVIGATION race navigation, FIA-certified seats, rehydration systems, and raised shifter plus hydraulic handbrake.

Fawaz told us, “Whatever was necessary to equip this car with the capacity to handle a range of terrain at high-speed, we’ve done. ” We do not know about you, but we would like to buckle into this sweet top of the line off-road Porsche 911 race vehicle and put it through its paces. For more information on the off-road ready ACS Porsche 911, check out Singer Vehicle Design .

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