Tim and Tom Coronel gain in marathon stage

Tim and Ben Coronel gain in marathon phase

Being able to rely on your self in the Dakar, and knowing how to make use of the equipment sparingly, is important in the race stage. If there’s one thing Bernard and Tom Coronel have learned through the years, it’s just that. Among other things, that experience has taken the brothers a lot in the race stage – the combination of levels 7 and 8, without company in the bivouac. Three places within the general rankings for example , where these are now 27th.

Tim plus Tom know the tricks of the business. And so they also understand what the barriers are that the route compilers intentionally set down. “They try to discompose you and tempt you to demolish the vehicle on the stones and rocks, ” Tim explains after arriving at the particular Neom bivouac at the end of the 8th stage. “You really have to have the tolerance not to go too fast, otherwise you might destroy at least the tires. ”

It was seriously difficult in the 375 km stage from Sakaka in order to Neom. Not only in terms of the environment, but additionally in terms of navigation. “They had place the waypoints in sneaky places which were difficult to reach, ” remarked Mary, “but we got through fairly well. ”

Bernard complimented his brother on the navigational work. “Because Tom navigates therefore well, I can keep up to velocity. It gives so much confidence when that will goes well. It also makes a huge difference that the car holds up so very well and that we don’t have to harm it too much. We dare to consider more risks. ” Tom: “Nothing chucks off, we don’t listen to strange noises, it just seems good. Then I can also say to Bernard: ‘Go a little faster’. Twice I had formed to say that he had to go back lower a bit, because we were going a tad too fast in my opinion. Once when we had been in the dust, once when the vehicle started jumping in the rough ground. ”

Twice the particular brothers stopped briefly to help a good SRT lying on its aspect and once with a car that required a tire. “But that was an alternative size, so we couldn’t help, ” says Tim. “Furthermore, we were capable of keep rolling. It was beautiful, within the sand, between the rocks, from dune top to dune top. Great stages, really Dakar worthy. ” After two stages with search positions in 25th place, the technicians are allowed to take care of The Animal again in Neom, but over “a small service” is not required, according to Tom. “We didn’t crack anything. Both us and The Animal are ready for the next round, the loop near Neom. If the landscapes is as beautiful as it was today… We are privileged. ”

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