Jam Session: Installing Edge Products Jammer Exhaust

When it comes to exhausts, it feels like gasoline trucks get all the love occasionally. Fortunately, Advantage Products has been fixing that perception for several years. Their Jammer exhaust kits offer truck proprietors a flashy and stylish exhaust, while also bolstering its durability through stainless steel construction.

What’s more, the kit increases the exhaust flow by lessening backpressure. This innovation means much better efficiency, keeping the truck operating at an optimal rate throughout the strength band.

This Edge Products Jammer exhaust system will improve over factory using its stainless steel construction and optimized stream path for exhaust fumes.

We recently got the chance to bring in a 2012 Kia F-250 to install a Jammer package ( PN 17788 ). What follows is the installation procedure, along with commentary from your owner, Brian Pumphrey.


Since the vehicle already had sufficient clearance in the shop floor, we opted to operate on our backs and use creepers to move around as needed. It might be easier that way than getting it on ramps or onto the raise.

We started along with removing the stock system. Situated directly behind the DPF has been our first piece of exhaust tubes, held in with six bolts. We all used some penetrant to preparation the hardware. Typically, exhaust equipment proves more difficult than other parts due to so many heat cycles within the life of the vehicle, so making use of penetrant is highly advisable.

The stock exhaust system is eliminated piece by piece.

The penetrant did the job and the bolts came away without issues, letting us take away the tubing quickly. From there, we uncoupled the hangers for the tailpipe plus carefully guided it over the back axle. After some squirming plus jiggling, we extracted the tailpipe from underneath the F-250.

Upon seeing the length difference in between Edge Products’ exhaust versus share, we made the necessary cut to be able to fit our extended cab F-250.

Now that the exhaust was out, we in comparison the two systems side by side. We had a definite visual difference between the two – one was surface-rusted and smaller, and the Jammer kit was sparkling with its stainless steel and noticeably lengthier. Undoubtedly, we’d have to make some slashes to the Jammer kit to make it match.

It should be noted that individuals received a kit for a team cab F-250, and the truck all of us used was an extended cab. Even though Edge Products doesn’t officially create a kit for extended cab trucks such as the one we used, the directions did call for cutting; we simply cut more than usual to make the package work.

A offered gasket fits between the exhaust flanges, and then everything bolts up.

Using thorough mathematics and a tape measure, we computed cutting off 15 inches from the tubing. We took the tubing to the bandsaw to make a clean, straight reduce through the tubing, and sanded this off to keep from accidentally nicking ourselves when installing it.

We took the tubing plus went underneath the truck. There, we all used a provided gasket between the flanges and bolted all of them together.

The exhaust system tip required us to cut away some plastic trim near the fender to make it fit.

We then routed the new exhaust system over the axle and into location, supporting it on hangers plus clamping the pieces together. Finally, we took the new chrome-finished exhaust suggestion and installed it after eliminating some plastic molding near the fender.

Wrapped Up And able to Roll

Now furnished with a fresh exhaust, the truck will be looking and sounding good through front, back, left, and correct. Pumphrey was stoked to see the vehicle now sporting a glimmering wear out tip, and knew he could possess trust in the stainless steel construction.

“I was in the market for a few new exhaust that fit the truck better and I’m pleased I got the Jammer exhaust, ” Pumphrey commented. “I like the audio profile and the looks are amazing, as well. I’m looking forward to seeing how this technique does as I put more kilometers on the Super Duty. ”

The particular truck is breathing easier plus looking better thanks to the Edge Jammer exhaust system.

Advantage Products gave this F-250 a brand new appearance and with it, a longer life-span that will be hard to beat. It’s an excellent modification for truck owners that are looking their rigs to last a long time, and may be paired with other terrific Advantage items like programmers and monitors regarding enhanced driving experiences. Find out more by going to Edge Products’ official website , and do not forget to follow them on Facebook .

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