2020 Product Showcase: FK Rod Ends Encapsulating Rubber Boots

FK’s rubberized boots fully encase the pole end to help keep the ball from the joint free from dirt and debris.

Throughout a racing season, racers invest hours in prep time, cleansing and lubricating rod end bearings. Not all rod ends are created identical but all rod ends experience the same elements. Especially in dirt monitor racing where water, dirt, plus grit can harm the bearing surface area.

FK Fishing rod Ends has the supreme solution to protect and extend the life span of rod end bearings. A good encapsulating rubber boot! The FK Rod Ends’ RERS series boots are designed to protect the rod finish from contaminates like dirt, fine sand, and water.

These exemplified rubber boots completely enclose your head portion of the rod end and so are held in place by the rod end’s mounting bolt. The boots give a barrier type of protection against all of forms of contamination but easy sufficient to remove for periodic inspection.

Routine inspection of the rod finish is limited to regularly inspecting the particular boot for any tears or spaces that would allow dirt, water, or even other contaminants into the rod finish. The boots do require normal cleaning, just like the rod end.

FK Rod Ends sells the particular boots in standard packages associated with six boots. They are offered in numerous inch sizes and metric dimensions to cover rod ends from 3/16ths-inch to 1/4-inch in both male plus female inch-sized rod ends. Metric sizes range from 6mm to 35mm in male and female pole ends.

For more information on FK Rod Ends RERS series shoes or boots, visit them online at www.fkrodends.com.  

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