Slammed Chevy C10 Pulls Inspiration From Japan: Video

The Chevy C10 is undoubtedly probably the most popular vehicles out there in terms of personalization, and while the popularity is great for aftermarket assistance and parts, it’s not so great for all those builders looking to make their C10 unique. However , Marcus Gibber away from Vacaville, California got around that will issue by taking inspiration from the additional side of the Pacific, as showcased in the following three-minute, 47-second movie.

“I built it intended for myself. I built it to operate a vehicle it. I build it to relish it, ” Gibber explains. Whilst those are certainly all praiseworthy aspirations, it just so occurs that Gibber’s 1970 Chevy C10 was also in the running in this year’s SEMA Battle of the Builders competitors, an annual, nationwide event recognizing the very best of the best from the world of auto customization.

This movie documents Gibber’s thought process for the create, while also showing off the Chevy C10 prior to completion.

Gibber started by putting the pick-up on a Nissan frame, fabricating brand new tubular control arms for the front and a three-link wishbone suspension for your rear. The truck now trips on airbags, slamming it towards the pavement over 20-inch by 12-inch Dropstar wheels. The wheels are usually wrapped in stretched tires.

“It’s a stretched tire since I kinda wanted to tie in japan styling with the stretched look, the particular JDM style, ” Gibber describes.

There’s extensive entire body work as well, including a shaped Silverado front bumper and Frenched license plate. The bed was also reduce and moved forward, then combined and uni-bodied with the chopped taxi.

More Japanese inspiration are available under the hood, where the Chevy C10 is powered by a SOHC, 12-valve four-cylinder KA24E engine from a 1991 Nissan.

“It’s something I would like to have good gas mileage, be a great, solid driver that I can leap in and drive across the country to some car show if I want to proceed, ” Gibber says.

Check out the complete video below:

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