2020 C8 Corvette Crash Survivor Praises Car’s Safety

It’s rare to find anyone in the good mood after being involved with a road accident, but GM Authority reader Carlton Phillips is an incredibly happy man considering the damage which was recently sustained during his 2020 Chevy C8 Corvette crash.

While driving his Zeus Bronze Metallic 2020 Corvette Stingray Sports coupe, Phillips found himself in trouble an additional car was approaching him. Saying that the mid-engine Chevy sports car replied well to his attempts in order to save the situation, Phillips soon realized that their C8 Corvette crash story has been inevitable, leaving him with just two options.

“With only the choice of a pole or even T-boning another vehicle, I find the car, ” he says. “In the split second it came to me that when I could hit the front right steering wheel of the car and hold the line we would both end up dealing with the same direction. And my choice worked. ”

Phillips states that the crash felt as if he previously casually bumped a curb in the full-size SUV, and says he’s been in a more violent impact within bumper cars at an amusement recreation area. His immediate concerns were designed for his passenger and for the driver of some other vehicle. He was able to reassure the driving force that help was on its way, since the Corvette’s OnStar system had currently made the customary emergency contact, via the OnStar Automatic Crash Response feature.

It was only following this that he understood the extent from the damage to the mid-engine Corvette C8. “The car had transferred the whole force of the impact diagonally over the front end, shut itself off, plus turned on the emergency flashers for me personally, ” he says. “This was vital as we were in the middle of a shortly to be a busy and darkening intersection. ”

The worst component for Phillips was that he inhaled some dust while the airbags had been deploying, which is particularly unfortunate considering that he has a pre-existing lung problem. But considering how much worse stuff might have been after his C8 Corvette crash, he’s not all too concerned about this.

“I would give the vehicle a 10-star crash rating on the 5-star scale in its crashworthiness. Plus my utmost respect to the employees and assembly line workers who seem to build our cars at Bowling Green Facility ensuring the concealed quality of these magnificent machines. ”

Phillips plans to have the vehicle rebuilt, and while he would probably choose not to go through anything like this once again, he wouldn’t mind if he or she did.

“I’d get it done without a second thought, ” this individual concludes.

The GENERAL MOTORS Authority Take

We will keep this one short and fairly sweet: that’s as good a testament as it may get regarding the C8 Corvette’s security. We’re glad Mr. Phillips is usually ok, and we wish him the very best of luck in rebuilding their C8 Stingray .

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