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Performance tuners everywhere develop some of the most powerful road-legal vehicles we have ever observed, but these are all too often based on the exact same range of cars.

What about something a little bit different from the usual tuned American muscle cars or Japanese sports vehicles? There are endless choices of ideal engines that lend themselves properly to a bit of tinkering, and with many carmakers turning to smaller forced induction units, the possibilities are not only vast yet results are much easier to achieve.

Puling up at the lights close to an otherwise plain-looking car can produce a few surprises, these or else weird choices could be tuned to create crazy horsepower figures.

ten Volkswagen Beetle LSR – Yes, That’s A Land Rate Record

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Land Quickness Record attempts usually conjure imagers of jet or rocket-powered special machines, but there are dozens of courses of records for all types of vehicles.

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The Volkswagen Beetle is not an obvious choice for the LSR attempt, but this is no ordinary vehicle. Fitted with a modified version associated with VW’s EA888 TSi unit pre-loaded with larger turbochargers, modified camshaft, plus forged internals raises power result to a more impressive 543 HEWLETT PACKARD. How fast? In 2016 the particular creators of the fastest Vw Beetle set an average speed associated with 205mph .

9 DDM Works Ariel Atom : Less Weight, Much More Power

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Causing a sensation when first introduced in 2000, the Atom appeared as if nothing else on the market with its tube chassis devoid of any bodywork also raised a few eye brows due to its performance. Since its intro, Ariel has produced a number of more efficient specials, making the Atom among the fastest accelerating cars on the road.

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Recently announced, the DDM Functions 700 conversion takes the Atom’s performance to another level, twin-charging the particular 2-liter Ecotec engine produces an amazing 700 HP. For the time being, gearheads will need to dream of the DDM’s abilities, you will find no official performance figures offered.

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8 RRM M1 Turbo Tallini Competizione – Little Car Big Power

A person Tube

Pursuing the lead of other carmakers that will produce retro-styled models, Fiat released their all-new 500. The company provides won awards for the small gas engine-range based on the twin-air design. Little gas engine designs utilize pressured induction to produce up to 160 HP along with lower emissions.

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Currently, the particular Abarth 595 sets the particular performance benchmark claiming a 7-second 0-60mph time. Nevertheless , Road Race Motorsports not at ease with the 500’s performance produces the retuned version of Fiat’s one 4-liter engine raising output in order to 250 HP.

7 Bisimoto Engineering Honda Odyssey — Minivan Manners, Drag Strip Strength

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Imagine the shock of pulling up alongside Bisimoto Engineering’s infamous Honda Odyssey, plus being blown away at the lights in order to rockets to 60 mph in several. 4-seconds.

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Outwardly sporting simply a set of aftermarket alloys, Bisimoto’s Odyssey is the fastest and most effective minivan to hit the particular streets. Under the hood, Honda’s J35 unit received a complete makeover with a sponsor of custom parts, twin-turbos, plus, ECU delivering an incredible 1029 HORSEPOWER.

6 Spoon S660 – Pushing Kei Car Limitations

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Despite the numerous Kei vehicle regulations, the niche remains a well-liked option among Japanese owners, with different tax incentives applied to motivate smaller less polluting cars on the otherwise crowded Japanese roads.

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Until Honda eventually (if ever) produces a more powerful foreign trade model, gearheads craving more power through the tiny S660 Kei car may head on over to Spoon. The Japanese tuner pushes the 0. 66-liter motor to the limits with a heady ninety-seven HP upgrade, a handy 67% increase over stock specifications.

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five HKS GR Yaris Stage 1 – Plenty Of Functionality Headroom In Reserve

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Currently one of the best hot hatches on the market, the particular Gazoo Racing specification Yaris featured 257 HP, making it one of the most effective 3-cylinder engine ever fitted to the production car, second only to Koenigsegg’s efforts, and can hit 60mph within 5. 5-seconds.

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Need or even want more power? No problem, the GRMS Yaris on the receiving end associated with serious upgrades can produce a lot more. Well known aftermarket tuner HKS used Toyota’s stock G16E engine for his or her Stage 1 package combining a modified ECU, customized turbocharger, and Nitros Oxide to create 475 HP.

4 JA Motorsports Super Nano — Curious Choice For A Tuner Vehicle


The Tata is never likely to win any prizes for attractiveness or performance, designed to be an inexpensive and easy to maintain city car using a tiny 0. 6-liter gas motor. First produced in 2008, the Nano, with a measly 38 HEWLETT PACKARD, isn’t exactly fast with a ruled top speed of 65mph .


We need to admit choosing the Nano for any tuner car makes an unusual choice, but JA Motorsports have got at least done a proper job. Obviously, the factory fit engine didn’t be up to the task, in its place a turbo charge 2 . 4-liter unit produces 230 HP, helping the pocket skyrocket to reach a top speed of 124mph.

3 Wimmer RST 8 – Unfortunately Only For The particular Track

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Firstly the particular bad news, in the US, KTM’s track-styled X-Bow racer is not really street legal, lacking ABS and safetybags, it falls foul of basic safety regulations. However , as a track vehicle, the Audi-powered X-Bow with 237 HP is perfect for gearheads with race driver aspirations.

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Nick tuning is not a new process, Wimmer RST offers a simple plug-in update for Audi’s 2-liter TFSi motor, boosting output to 478 HEWLETT PACKARD. As a result, the X-Bow RST eight storms to 60mph in second . 97-seconds, passing 124mh in 10-seconds.

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two Milltek Sport Upward! – The Best Current City Vehicle Conversion

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Small city vehicles are never going to be exciting functionality drives, featuring a tiny 1-liter three-cylinder engine, Volkswagen’s Up at least sounds like a serious attempt at a small metropolitan commuter car.

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Normally it could be the Golf that attracts the interest of tuners, but UK-based Milltek Sport uses their extensive abilities has managed to unlock more power through VW’s city car. The Up! now produces 145 HORSEPOWER which might not look like a huge gain, but in a framework weighing 2048 lbs, performance is certainly brisk at around 8-seconds in order to 60mph.

1 Develop C30 – Evolving Volvo’s Picture

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Swedish carmaker Volvo’s historical reputation for building safe plus reliable cars dates back to the earlier 1970s, when they introduced the first vehicle fitted as standard with safety belts. In fact , Volvo is one brand gearheads traditionally would have ignored for overall performance cars.

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Aiming to attract more youthful owners, the C30 concept will be a major step in the right direction. Beginning with the particular quirky C30 coupe, Evolve a new custom wide body kit incorporating a generous six inches on the rear covering fatter tires. The particular Evolve, now looking the component, needed some grunt, so Volvo’s 2 . 5-liter engine received another sequential turbo, boosting output in order to 507 HP.

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