Real Overlanding: 1978 Jeep Expedition of the Americas

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Overlanding is a term used to describe a method of long-term rough-road exploration and travel that is vehicle-based and self-contained in a four-wheel-drive automobile. Nowadays, it’s a hip phrase. Yet to some off-road enthusiasts, it appears overused and incorrectly attributed to virtually any off-road trip that includes an over night stay.

However , there exists a lot of real overlanding going on these days and it’s not a “trend” that will began just yesterday. The showcased video above is all about the 1978 Jeep Expedition of the Americas, probably the most adventurous overlanding expeditions ever made.

They will floated the Jeeps down streams on a ferry where they could about this incredible, six-month-long journey across Northern, Central, and South America.

The 1978 Jeep Journey of the Americas was a bold intend to traverse the entire length of South, Main, and North America. The expedition has been led by Mark Smith, the person who created the now-famous Jeepers Jamboree and Jeep Jamboree that will run the Rubicon Trail. The particular 1978 Jeep Expedition of the Americas was a bold plan to traverse the whole length of South, Central, and United states.

The Jeep Journey of the Americas was a six-month-long overlanding adventure that started in Ushuaia, Argentina. It went all the way to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska. Mark and a few people of the expedition did two preparing and exploration trips before the start of full-length trip. One of the most treacherous parts of the Jeep Expedition of the Americas was the Darien Gap. The Darien Gap is a 100-mile-long, insect-infested stretch out of swampy jungle between Compact country of panama and Columbia. To get the six Jeeps across, they had to cut through the bush with machetes.

Cutting through the Darien Gap took 30 days to go regarding 100 miles. Imagine setting out daily with a machete in your hand, chopping straight down bushes and overgrowths just to improvement three miles!

Although they were the first to cross the particular Darien in Jeeps, Mark great crew learned much from the connection with those who had been the very first to get via. Years earlier, a 250-man team made up of British Army engineers, Columbian sailors, and Panamanian Guardia experienced broken through the Darien. It apparently took them 100 days to obtain two vehicles across. Mark as well as a nearly 50-man crew took thirty days to make it. Talk about efficiency!

Aside from the most dangerous Darien Gap extend, there were still thousands of miles associated with treacherous driving for the 1978 Journey of the Americas and its six Jeeps. This was no overlanding cruise within air-conditioned comfort with a hot dinner at every night’s stop. But we are not here to tell you the entire story. You need to see it and listen to for yourself. The 27-minute video from the 1978 Jeep Expedition of the Americas is a must-see for every off-road fanatic. Sit back with some popcorn and a cool one. And get ready for an overlanding adventure like no other.

The 4×4 CJ-7s used were stock aside from Goodyear tires and Ramsey winches.

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