BGR21 – DAKAR 2021- Enge and Macháček set identical times!

Enge plus Macháček set identical times!

Right after 6 stages, the Dakar Move has now finished its first fifty percent. While the stage was shortened simply by 100 kilometres, it still transformed a lot just before a rest day. The particular Buggyra Zero Mileage Racing group had a reason to celebrate, because Tomáš Enge and Josef Macháček set identical times!

It was like a thriller film. Tomáš Enge and Josef Macháček had exactly the same time in a 348-kilometre-long stage. Both Can-Am specials achieved it in 4: 54: 01. “There was really a lot of dunes and just 4 plains with rocks. And of course, there were to have a puncture. But everybody offers problems. It was really interesting. However the dunes were small, it was durable terrain, but drivable, ” mentioned Josef Macháček, who finished within 3rd place and currently keeps 5th place in the overall standings.
“It’s unbelievable that myself and the legend, Josef Macháček, experienced identical times. I’m glad it worked out so well today, ” added Tomáš Enge. However , this individual subsequently received a 5-minute charges for speeding and dropped towards the 6th place in the stage outcomes of lightweight prototypes.

It had been a difficult stage for both Tatra Buggyra Racing crews as well. “It was very challenging today. In the 20th kilometre, we got the weird noise in the cabin plus from the 60th kilometre, we totally lost cabin dampers. After that, all of the hits went directly to us. Furthermore, this stage was pretty tough, so we had to slow down a bit. All of us couldn’t keep up like that. And then, right at the end of the stage, we also dropped power, so we had to go around the particular dunes. However , now we have a rest day time ahead of us, so we can place it all together again, ” said the particular mechanic David Hoffmann.

“I’m not tired, but Personally i think every bone in my body. It had been busy and I believe that the guys will certainly put the truck together. We could make use of a bit more luck for the 2nd fifty percent, ” added Ignacio Casale.

The other crew had to handle some technical issues as well. Matn Šoltys, who finished in fourteenth place, had to change a damaged steering rod. Then, the Tatra Phoenix got stuck and the team had to dig the truck out there. However , a Russian Kamaz repaid your debt to Šoltys.

“On the 70th kilometre, we obtained stuck on soft sand. We all began to dig, and the first automobile to stop was a Kamaz. So , the particular karma has returned. It had taken a while to fix the steering fishing rod, so I’m glad that we have made it here. It was a long time, “ said Martin Šoltys.

On Saturday, the deck hands will enjoy a rest day. However , the particular mechanics are going to work around the clock. They have got only one day to put everything jointly, as the second half of the Dakar Rally is going to be very difficult.

LIGHTING PROTOTYPES T3. 1 – sixth stage results

  1. Quintero/Zenz OT3 04: twenty: 23
  2. Bergounhe/Brucy PH LEVEL Sport + 27: 21 minutes
  3. Macháček/Vyoral Can-Am DV21 + 33: 38 mins
  4. Enge/Tošenovský Can-Am DV21 + 38: 38 mins

LIGHT PROTOTYPES T3. 1 – current standings right after 6th stage

  1. Quintero/Zenz OT3 27: twelve: 55
  2. Herrero/Cazalet OT3 + 1: 56: 54 hours
  3. Pisson/Sarreaud PH Sports activity + 2: 36: 37 hours
  4. Macháček/Vyoral Can-Am DV21 + 3: 24: 42 hours
  5. Enge/Tošenovský Can-Am DV21 + 11: 44: 32 hours

VEHICLES – 6th stage results

  1. Mardeev/Svistunov/Galiautdinov Kamaz 04: 08: 52
  2. Sotnikov/Akhmadeev/Akhmetzianov Kamaz + 01: ’08 mins
  3. Shibalov/Nikitin/Tatarinov Kamaz + 04: 49 mins
  4. Casale/Leon/Hoffmann TATRA BUGGYRA + 55: 22 mins
  5. Šoltys/Schovánek/Šikola TATRA BUGGYRA + one: 02: 33 hrs

TRUCKS – present standings after 6th stage

  1. Sotnikov/Akhmadeev/Akhmetzianov Kamaz 24: 26: 18
  2. Shibalov/Nikitin/Tatarinov Kamaz + 37: thirty four
  3. Mardeev/Svistunov/Galiautdinov Kamaz + 1: 01: 43 hrs
  4. Casale/Leon/Hoffmann TATRA BUGGYRA + 2: 15: 39 hrs
  5. Šoltys/Schovánek/Šikola TATRA BUGGYRA + 2: 32: 45 hrs

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