Red Bull Desert Wings surf the dunes on Stage Five of 2021 Dakar Rally


The 2021 Dakar Rally   is constantly on the go up through the gears as Phase Five offered a variety of offroad problems. There were massive dunes to mix, stony sections that threatened punctures and tricky navigation throughout the 457-kilometre timed special stage. Let’s discover who managed to put a thoroughly clean run together on the route between Riyadh and Al Quisumah.

The battle at the front from the car race between  Stéphane Peterhansel   and  Nasser Al-Attiyah   raged designed for five hours today, but still there are just a little over six minutes isolating them.

“A real Dakar stage. Really difficult navigation and also not easy on the sand hills. ”   – Stéphane Peterhansel

Giniel de Villiers lastly got the trouble-free run which has been eluding him at this Dakar plus was rewarded with the stage earn.

“Since the start things have really not already been going our way. Then these days everything seemed to click into location. ”   – Giniel de Villiers

It was a challenging day time behind the wheel for  Kuba Przygoński ,   Carlos Sainz   and  Sébastien Loeb because their individual pursuits of consistency keep on.

Cyril Despres   plus co-driver  Paul Horn   showed amazing esprit d’équipe when they cannibalised their very own Peugeot 3008 DKR Maxi to offer team-mate Sheikh Khalid Al Qassimi with an A-arm when he stopped working 800m from the finish line.

“Lots of valleys, lots of canyons, lots of dust. twenty five cars turning around in the exact same place. This was a tough way to begin the stage. ”   – Cyril Despres

The adventure continues pertaining to teenage rookie  Seth Quintero   within the Lightweight Vehicles category. The Reddish colored Bull Off-Road Junior Team speed claimed his second podium complete of the rally despite suffering punctures. Today’s third place result elevates Quintero to fourth overall within the Lightweight Vehicles race, less than half an hour back from race leader  Chaleco López .

“Today started out a little weird with everybody obtaining lost. We ended up finding the method for everybody so the whole pack arrived up behind us. ”   – Seth Quintero

Quintero’s many other Red Bull Off-Road Junior Group drivers  Mitch Guthrie Jr.   and  Cristina Gutiérrez   fought through dust and traffic to provide their OT3s to the finish series. Dakar debutant  Mattias Ekström   furthermore got through the stage.

Blue is the colour in the vehicle race as Team Kamaz Learn controlled from start to finish.   Andrey Karginov   won the phase as  Anton Shibalov   moved into 2nd place overall behind race leader  Dmitry Sotnikov . Kamaz won the Dakar 16 times in the last two decades, a 3rd decade of dominance looks like it is beginning here in Saudi Arabia.

A late surge through two-time Dakar winner  Toby Price on Stage Five saw him have a podium finish. The Australian has additionally moved to within touching distance from the overall podium. Price is now 4th overall and less than four mins behind race leader Kevin Benavides.

“All in every, we made it a decent day plus we’re not far from the Rest Time now. ”   – Toby Price

Joining Price in the Top five overall is fellow Red Half truths KTM Factory Racing rider  Sam Sunderland , while the third team member  Matthias Walkner finished eighth on the current stage.

Štefan Svitko   and Dakar rookie  Daniel Sanders are well placed to break into the Top ten of the general classification on the leftover seven stages.

“In the dunes things had been well set so I just began sending it. I hit a few pretty good jumps along the way. ”   – Daniel Sanders

Laia Sanz   is on course to be the Dakar’s top female rider for the 11th consecutive edition and  Camille Chapelière is enjoying his debut trip at the rally.

Sadly the last two stages have seen the particular withdrawals of  Mohammed Jaffar   and  CS Santosh . We wish both bikers a speedy recovery from their accidents.


2021 Dakar Rally Car Competition Top 5
one G. DE VILLIERS (ZAF)    TOYOTA    05: 09: twenty five
2 . B. BARAGWANATH (ZAF)    CENTURY    +00: 00: 58
3. S. PETERHANSEL (FRA)    MINI  +00: 02: 25
4. In. AL-ATTIYAH (QAT)    TOYOTA    +00: 04: 38
5. M. PROKOP (CZE)    FORD    +00: 05: 06

2021 Dakar Rally Bike Race Top five
1 . E. BENAVIDES (ARG)    HONDA    05: 09: 50
2 . JI. CORNEJO (CHL)    HONDA    +00: 01: 00
3. To. PRICE (AUS)    KTM    +00: 01: 20
4. L. SANTOLINO (ESP)    SHERCO    +00: summer: 57
five. S. SUNDERLAND (GBR)    KTM    +00: 04: 17

2021 Dakar Rally Lightweight Vehicle Top 5
1 . F. LOPEZ (CHL)    CAN-AM    05: 05: 29
second . K. AL-ATTIYAH (QAT)  PH-SPORT    +00: 01: 50
3. S. QUINTERO (USA)  OT3    +00: 04: 05
4. The. JONES (USA)    CAN-AM    +00: 05: 38
5. A. DOMZALA (POL)    CAN-AM    +00: 05: forty eight

2021 Dakar Rally Truck Top 5
1 . D. SOTNIKOV (RUS)    KAMAZ    02: 58: 47
2 . A. KARGINOV (RUS)    KAMAZ    +00: 00: 10
several. A. VISHNEUSKI (BLR)    MAZ    +00: 00: 14
4. M. MACIK (CZE)    IVECO    +00: 00: 22
five. A. SHIBALOV (RUS)    KAMAZ    +00: 03: 56


Stéphane Peterhansel:   “A true Dakar stage. Really complicated routing and also not easy on the dunes. It had been tough the whole way but it also sensed good to drive. Today was a problem all the way. ”

Nasser Al-Attiyah:   “It was not easy to open. We noticed a lot of bikes coming and we obtained confused. At the beginning, we lost probably eight or nine minutes. I am happy to have got here finally. Stéphane did a very good job because he remained behind me all the way. I’m very happy to finish day five plus tomorrow Stéphane will open but it will surely be easier for me. We’re consuming it one day after another plus we’ll see where we are. In a few days will also be very difficult. ”

Giniel de Villiers:   “Since the beginning things possess really not been going our own way. Then today everything appeared to click into place. Alex (Haro, co-driver) did a great job using the navigation. Some places were actually, really difficult. ”

Kuba Przygoński:   “Today was really tough navigation. We were shedding the good way so many times. The first 100kms we lost a lot of time. We were using a big group of cars, all dropped. It was not an easy stage. ”

Cyril Despres:   “You needed to bet on this stage because of how it had been with the navigation. Lots of valleys, plenty of canyons, lots of dust. 25 vehicles turning around in the same location. This was a tough way to start the particular stage. ”

Toby Price:   “The first 200km were really specialized navigation, even tougher than times one and two. Unfortunately we all made a few mistakes. All in all, all of us made it a decent day and we are not far from the Rest Day right now. ”

Mike Sunderland:   “Day 5 is in the books and carried out. It was a really difficult stage that will started off with a lot of tricky routing. Lots of places were looking exactly the same and there weren’t many referrals. I did a few circles there within the first part and then after the refuel I tried to push to recover a while. ”

Daniel Sanders:   “We dropped so much time in the morning. After that in the dunes things were nicely set so I just started delivering it. I hit some very good jumps along the way. By the end of it I had been so tired, but the boys simply kept on pushing to the front group. ”

Matthias Walkner:   “Things began really bad for me. In the initial 60km I already lost thirty-five minutes. It was frustrating. After 100km I tried to push really, very hard to try and close the gap. I actually enjoyed parts of the stage however it was not the best day for me. ”

Camille Chapelière:   “It was not simple with the navigation at the beginning, but aftet that my rhythm was recovering and better. I was just at the rear of Laia (Sanz) for a lot of the phase and this helped me to learn a lot. ”

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