Monster Energy Honda Team arrive at the rally halfway-point with all riders in fine shape

2021 Dakar Rally
2021 Dakar      Round DAK21

Monster Energy Honda Team reach the rally halfway-point with all bikers in fine shape

The arrival of the relaxation day will come as a relief towards the Dakar Rally participants. The 6th stage, which set off from Ing Qaisumah bound for the Ha’il bivouac, confirmed Monster Energy Honda Team’s fine form. In addition to another triumph for Joan Barreda; Brabec, Cornejo and Benavides are all well-positioned since the race heads into its last week.

The compass changed direction from northeast in order to west as the rally headed on the mountainous areas of the country although not however out of the dunes. The sixth phase, which had been reduced by one hundred kilometres, once again served up lots of dunes, some hard tracks plus stony ground, but was, for the most part, performed out in the sands. Last night on the competitors’ briefing a reduction towards the 448-kilometre special stage between Ing Qaisumah and Ha’il had been introduced.

Once again, the “roller-coaster” effect that Ricky Brabec got referred to a few days ago, continued in order to cause radical shake-ups to the purchase, the yo-yoing having become a normal feature of the race. Today, Brabec himself rode a notable phase, finishing fourth on the day whilst connecting better with the conditions. The United states is confident that he will be able to execute at his best over the staying stages of the rally.

Joan Barreda, who started further back again today, proved one of the main protagonists for the most part of the checkpoints on the sixth phase. The Spaniard from the Monster Power Honda Team finished by environment the best time of the day once again, claiming a 3rd stage win in this Dakar. The particular Spanish rider, with a tally associated with 27 wins, becomes the driver with the third highest number of phase victories in the rally’s history. Barreda is seventh in the overall rankings.

It was a tough getaway for both Kevin Benavides – yesterday’s winner – and Nacho Cornejo – second. The two Ford riders supported each other in a bet to out-pace the rivals, yet couldn’t however avoid being sought after down by the chasing pack. Nonetheless, the duo produced a fine displaying: the Chilean conceded less than 7 minutes and rose the ranks to third place, while the Argentinean finished less than 10 minutes off the champion and continues to hold second put in place the Dakar 2021 overall rankings.

Tomorrow, the bikers will be able to enjoy a lay-in on the sleep day, before preparations begin for that second week of competition which will start on Sunday between Ha’il plus Sakaka with 471 kilometres associated with special stage in what will be this particular 2021 Dakar Rally’s marathon phase.

Ough Brabec    1


The stage was very good. Faster tracks. Faster than regular. It was a little bit better with routing – a little bit easier. We managed to get to rest day, that was objective number one. Goal number two will be make it to the finish-line. I’m actually happy to make it here, but I am not ready for a day off. It’s required so I’m going to take the next day off and take some sleep, then attack six more times along the Red Sea. We did not really make up as much time nowadays as we were thinking or expecting, but it is what it is at the moment. There are still six days to go yet it’s going to be really hard. The girls is spread far apart therefore it’s really hard to manage. I don’t believe that anyone has an idea how to take care of this thing yet. Things are usually changing everyday, but we can just hope that things turn around. We all can’t say much, but we need to just take it day by day.

José Ignacio Cornejo    4


Today was a difficult, long stage with only fine sand and dunes. My team-mate Kevin and I started out together and we attempted to lose as little time as possible. We all did a very good job opening the particular track for most of the stage. We are very happy with the outcome of the day. We have finished this first week extremely well-positioned in the general standings plus looking very solid. Now we are able to take advantage of the rest day, to refresh the batteries and to think about the 2nd week.

Kevin Benavides    47


This particular stage six was tough for me personally. I started first and understood it would be tricky. My partner Nacho Cornejo and I did a very good work, from kilometre 70 onward, we all pushed hard together on a completely sandy stage. I have finished this particular first week very happy, with some really solid stages and second location overall. Now I will have to make the most of the next day to recover from all the blows through yesterday’s crash. I’m happy to happen to be able to get here and I’m centered on the second part of the Dakar.

Joan Barreda    88


I’m very happy using this victory, one more and the third recently. The truth is that I would never have dreamed it, but the most important thing is the fact that we are physically fit and the bike is ideal. We are looking forward to the second week. Let us see if we have a bit more luck using the strategy and we can keep up the speed and climb positions.


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