All The Accessories: EGR USA’s Top 5 Products For Our Trucks

As we round out the 2020 year, I wanted to check in with our own friends over at EGR Premium Auto Accessories to see how things have become and what products have really strike the spot for us truck enthusiasts. Actually there were five products they offer that will stood out and we’re likely to highlight them today.

EGR has been offering quality auto parts since its inception within 1973.   EGR offers a variety of parts for many different models, but our own focus is on the truck side. Their extensive range of products shows they have something for everyone, no matter your own build or taste.

Everyone is familiar with fender flares upon trucks. EGR offers them in numerous different configurations. For our first most widely used EGR product of 2020, we now have the bolt-on style flare for that Chevrolet Silverado. These flares are made of an UV-protected, OEM approved materials that is easy to clean.

Using these on your truck, you’re offered fender protection with a lightly textured dark finish that is fastened with stainless-steel hardware that looks like a manufacturer finish. These flares are supported by a limited lifetime warranty and also have been flying off the shelves just for Silverados all year long.

They are an OEM-grade, no-drill-needed installation. Earning for the perfect DIY upgrade for the truck. Wanting to paint-match your pickup truck? EGR fender flares can also be colored to match your vehicle. They increase wheel coverage of your fenders by as much as two inches on the front plus rear. If you’re driving a 2019-2021 Chevrolet Silverado, check these babies away. For trims all the way from WT to Custom Trail Boss, EGR has them covered.

“EGR fender flares are manufactured in order to OEM Quality and are robotically cut to give you the most precise fitment in the market. They’re made from raw, virgin materials, so you know you’re only obtaining the good stuff here at EGR, ” mentioned Thomas Lamb, Aftermarket Sales Advisor at EGR.

“All EGR fender flares feature an simple, no-drill installation process, which will maybe you have showing off your truck in no time, ” continued Lamb. “Don’t get washed out with the other guys. EGR fender flares all feature an UV-protectant movie that will keep your flares looking brand new for years to come. When it comes to EGR, top quality would be an understatement, it’s the normal. ”

EGR’s hood guard uses a good OEM-quality, no-drill mounting system. It is molded from durable, high-grade polymer, which is fade and scratch-resistant, plus it’s all backed by a restricted lifetime warranty.

Also known as a “bug deflector” for a few, the hood guard from EGR has also been a huge hit in 2020. Their coined “Superguard” style protects fit the Ford trucks and also offer an unique look to the nasal area of those rides. Like some of their various other products, they offer a no-drill set up, but they still maintain a long lasting, high-impact resistant material for extra power.

The Superguard protects offer a rich matte finish that gives a stealthy appearance, complimenting front side ends of the F-series trucks. Simply because they mount away from the hood intended for easy cleaning and maintenance, these types of limited lifetime warrant-backed guards are an ideal upgrade for you and your truck.

If you’re showing off a 2015 to 2020 F-series truck, be sure and check these types of out.

“Protect your vehicle with one of our EGR Superguard deflectors, ” said Lamb. “These are made from a premium acrylic AB MUSCLES, so the quality will never be a problem. EGR Superguard   features an UV protectant to ensure that falling will be the least of your worries. It is available in our classic Dark Smoke cigarettes finish, or you can go for our more contemporary Matte Black finish. Whatever you select, you won’t be disappointed. Most EGR hood guards come regular with a limited lifetime warranty. ”

“Providing additional defense in extreme conditions, EGR’s Extremely Guard will enhance your vehicle’s look and is often the first step in designing your vehicle, ” continued Lamb. “Our full-height, full-wrap, aerodynamic designs are usually shaped to provide the most efficient stability of deflection and protection. ”

I’m going to head out on a limb here and state 80 percent of you know precisely what these are and most vehicles have them. EGR’s “Dark Smoke” in-channel window visors, though, are different. They offer an unique contemporary look for most vehicles. These are made to feed fresh air circulation into the inside of the vehicle.

These types of fully integrated, custom molded designs reduce windshield fogging in wet weather conditions for safer driving. They can furthermore lower interior temperatures in left vehicles, allowing you to crack the home windows with no risk of rain or even outside debris inside. The ULTRAVIOLET protected finish is easy to clean plus like all of their products, they are supported by a limited lifetime warranty.

Should you be looking for any of these mentioned features over, you need to check availability for your vehicle. This year has been a big year for your Ford trucks, as they fit the majority of trucks from 2015 to 2021 even.

“Our window visors are made of a long lasting, scratch-resistant, UV-capped acrylic, which will keep your own investment from fading, and keep this looking fresh for years to come, ” explained Lamb. “With most EGR window visors being available in Darkish Smoke and Matte Black, personalization will never be lacking for the improve enthusiast. They also feature an easy, simply no tools necessary, installation process. Whether or not you choose the classic tape-on design, or the more modern in-channel style, a few minutes or less is all you need! Tape-on visors utilize a dependable 3M adhesive, which will ensure that your EGR Window Visors aren’t going anywhere. ”

For EGR, these are a hot item for the 3 years ago to 2014 Silverado pickup trucks.  

For those of you who would like the fender flares on your pickup truck, but you’re looking for a more “rugged” look, look no further than Rugged Style fender flares. Like the bolt-on flares, they are easily installed to the fenders of the truck once you clean the area completely. They also feature the same OEM high quality finish and can be paint-matched, as well.

This next part, even though it was a super popular buy for your customers of EGR, is different things. I’ve personally never owned one of these simple, but they do offer a very unique turn to the backside of pickup trucks. This really is their Smooth Style cab vender. EGR says these are perfect in order to accent your truck. You can personalize them however you wish.

Each EGR taxi spoiler is extensively tested to make sure perfect, flush fitment, and is designed to complement your truck’s existing high-mount brake light. Built with lightweight structural polyurethane, and installed with high quality 3M tape and adhesive,   fitment is easy, accurate, and will endure in the most extreme conditions. Our own spoilers come ready to be colored or can be installed as-is, within their natural matte black finish. – Thomas Lamb, EGR

These integrated truck taxi spoilers are manufactured from the same materials your own OEM parts are and share that will same quality. Featuring 3M double-sided tape and polyurethane glue, the particular installation is very simple. Like all of their items, they are UV protected and are protected with a light textured finish, that makes for easy cleaning and is resists fading. Also, some may want all of them in the raw black finish, however they too are also paintable to match the particular paint of your truck.

You’ll notice a trend along with EGR ‘s products as all of them are designed to last and can be customized want, making the options endless for you. They are just the top five sellers for them this season and we had to share what you are missing out on. For more information about EGR and also to find out what fits your ride, head on to their internet site here . For more, stay tuned in order to Diesel Army.

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