1968 Chevrolet Camaro RS….Bits

We usually feature on the website offers, daily finds and best purchases, but not so much really dilapidated barn finds, especially ones that come with this particular lot of parts.
Because of this , for sharing this find.

You get a 1968 Camaro that has obviously seen better days, however, you do get a load of parts with all the car. These seem to be mostly or even all panels, with two hats thrown into the deal.

It doesn’ t seem to possess any type of engine or transmission with this particular deal, which is a big factor right here. We’ re inclined to think because of this , it is being sold in the first place. The cost of the particular powertrain and restoration may not depart much in the end, in the form of profit. Specifically after a half decent powertrain plus full restoration.
The 1968 Camaro RS may choose roughly $35k in great situation.

If you’ lso are inclined to think that what you discover here can be the basis of your following project, it may be worth a punt.
The current bid are at $3, 800. 00. What do a person guys think?




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