The Dodge Challenger Low Point?

By Mark Weisseg

Yes my friends I am thrilled to inform all of you the following. This is NOT my Opposition. However , I was very much alive in 1979 when this was named the Challenger. You see most of us knew The chrysler was dead.

These were making crappy cars with older names. That is what made all of us outdated Mopar guys so darn furious. Using the Challenger name on this Jap car was the last straw for many of us. Chrysler did it before with the Street Runner and other cars. They were therefore desperate for sales they stuck historical names on these awful vehicles. It would be like renaming the Sculpture of Liberty. You just don’ big t do it.

But , traditional Chrysler had too. There product sales were falling like a rock. That they had a gasp of air remaining so they named these lousy Western cars with golden American brands. Of course we all know it failed rapidly.

The cars had awful four cylinder engines and had been prone to break a lot.
So , fast forward to the 12 months 2017. Chrysler’ s sales from the current Challenger have softened once more. If you recall the Challenger left the gate hard about this year. Retro styling and a good OF V8 engine. Then, as sales began to soften Fiat, sorry Chrysler decreased in the Hellcat 707hp engine plus boom! Sales zoomed again along with dealers taking names and including ten to twenty grand towards the sticker price.

Now, we all know the sales slipped again. A brand new car comes out and everyone will go nuts. Three years later and they yawn. So , with the Challenger name once more getting soft our friends with Fiat decided to do something about it once again. This time they went back to the discard heap and found the name Devil. Very cool car in its day.

However , Fiat decided to utilize the Challenger again and add the particular Demon name. Now they will just sell 3000 in the United States and three hundred in Canada to start. And the seller network responded as expected. Take brands and add ten to 20 grand to the ESTIMATED price of 85k. The unveiling was a national feeling for a week.

Since it settled down we vehicle lovers are digging into the information on this stunning engine set up. Not really the car, but the engine. Critics are usually ticked that the Challenger Demon is really a Challenger with flared fenders. The particular critics wanted a whole new design car that looked like the Devil of the past. Friends, Fiat don’t have the funds to completely build an additional car. It’ s easier to simply take a Challenger and modify this.

Critics again are usually mad. How did the competition respond to this Challenger Demon? Yawn. Kia said the Mustang will come out there in 2018 as it is now which includes additional colors added. To my information the Camaro folks said absolutely nothing other than to say to look at the CAR that you can buy now. Very fascinating for sure.

But to the critics out there that are beating in the new Challenger Demon I request you to look at the picture above. Remind your self that at one time the car was a 4 cylinder piece of crap. Be grateful the Challenger lives today in different form and not what it once was.

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