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I grew up in the city of Chi town and there were quite a few bonus factors available in the car world.

We were regulars at what is known as JC Whitney now, but then it had been called Warshawsky’ s. It was an incredible place to say the least. Another emphasize was going to Mr. Norms. Better generally known as Grand Spaulding Dodge in the day time. Not a giant super center such as we see today in our nearby dealers but certainly a lot going on. In fact the place was very cramped because they had a big inventory and clients from all over the place.

It’ s all gone now however the building is still there. People still generate by or drive in to the car parking lot to get the sensation that was the particular spirit back in the 60’ s plus 70’ s.
Individuals come and take pictures from the building today although empty plus a bit run down but , it helps accomplish an inner desire for a time right now gone.

It’ ersus one of the those places that if the particular walls could talk you would remain for hours and listen. The embarrassing thing about places like this and many more is that they are gone forever. Just a storage holds you to the place. Nickey Chevy in Chicago and Yenko within the Pittsburgh are prime examples of that period frame. I know we all wish these were all still there.

At times our memories of areas like this are much better than the place actually was in the hay day from it all. So , dream on plus carry that torch and really miss the days that are no longer with us.

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