Extreme E Prepares For 2021 Debut In New Electric Off-Roading Series

Nick Ganassi. Lewis Hamilton. Nico Rosberg. Michael Andretti. What in the world are usually these three motorsports legends carrying out with off-road vehicles? Well, they are each starting new Extreme E off-road teams in 2021, consuming revolutionary technology along for the trip.

The new FIA-sanctioned department will travel across the globe via a deliver, minimizing its carbon emissions. The particular series will compete at 5 completely different courses in extreme areas, from the desert of Saudi Persia to the ice-soaked Greenland. The 5 races, which will be seen on Sibel, will take place at Saudi Arabia, Senegal, Greenland, Brazil and Argentina. The particular electric off-road racers are designed to deal with each of the very different conditions.

St . Helena , an ex passenger cargo ship, will act as the operations hub for Severe E.   The ship may have an on-board laboratory to perform research on the Extreme E automobiles. And the ship has quite a brief history, too. It sailed between Shawl Town and St . Helena within the Atlantic Ocean from 1990 in order to 2016.

Each group will have one male and one women driver, with most driver lineups already being announced. Ganassi may have Sara Price and Kyle LeDuc pilot the team’s vehicle, along with Cate Munnings and Timmy Hansen driving for Andretti.   Rosberg’s Xtreme Racing squad will be brought by Molly Taylor and Johan Kristoffersson. Hamilton, the seven-time Method 1 champion, will field their own Extreme E entry with Sebastien Loeb and Cristina Gutierrez when driving.

The new off-road department is set to take the green banner on March 20-21 in Saudi Arabia. The season continues with contests in May, August, October and Dec as it avoids conflicts with other main motorsports divisions.

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