The 1968 Shelby EXP500 Prototype ‘Green Hornet’

By Dave Ashton

After getting all of depressed from talking about EV’ h and the sterile future of possible electric muscle cars like the Mustang Lithium , it’ ersus far happier times to show a vintage which started off the movement. In this instance its a 1968 Shelby GT500 prototype, named the EXP500 or even Green Hornet.

The vehicle was brought back to its previous glory by the Barrett-Jackson guys and it is only one of two notch back again coupes produced by the linkup among Shelby and Ford. The car has been originally pulled from the Ford Dearborn plant line in late 1967 as being a platform for prototyping. The car had been modified with California Special lighting and badging with a 428ci. Cobra Jet V8 being dropped along with a C6 transmission and self-employed rear suspension. All souped as much as be more GT like, with more workings to the body panels. Additional standout features are four-wheel disk brakes and a prototype Conelec gas injection system. Very ahead of the time.

As the car was part of the GT/Super Coupe program, it sported a good number of one of features including a customized front grille from a 1967 Mustang, louvered hood, hood pins, packed in quarter panel scoops, decklid spoiler, taillights closeout panel along with 1965 Thunderbird non-sequential taillights, tail lights backing plates, side stripes plus Decklid stripes.

The vehicle has been knocking around the block given that its inception, being one of the not many not to have gone to the crusher as a prototype. By 2003, Craig Jackson bought the car for their own collection and in 2018 it was completely restored using as many original components as possible.

There’ s obviously a lot of history in this vehicle and it also stands out as a shining example of past due 60s engineering. Luckily, there’ s i9000 been a good deal of documentation on the vehicle, which means specialist websites such as Shelby prototype coupes. com have a good deal of information, in order to read into the back history and operation of the car even further.

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