Positive stage for Kevin Benavides on the Wadi Ad-Dawasir loop

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Positive stage for Kevin Benavides on the Wadi Ad-Dawasir cycle

After a fine stage yesterday, having an one-two for Barreda and Brabec who claimed the top of the general rally standings, today was the switch of Kevin Benavides. The Argentinean Monster Energy Honda Team driver finished the Dakar 2021 3rd stage in runner-up spot, simply short of the leadership.

The Wadi Ad-Dawasir loop, over 630 total kms, including 403 km against the time clock, once again turned the Dakar rankings on their head. It has become regular to see the first riders to deal with the special drop time to their own rivals due to the complicated task associated with navigating in a very demanding Dakar. Bikers, starting further back, are able to re-trace the tracks and hunt down the particular front-runners, as they are able to focus on traveling rather than the tough navigating. The third phase today served up dunes plus desert navigation throughout, featuring a few trial like areas on particular stretches of the route.

Joan Barreda and Ricky Brabec – first and second last night – had a rough day, starting the track with arduous routing before reaching the dunes, which usually proved difficult with the strong wind gusts blowing in from Wadi Ad-Dawasir. The pair tried to manage the length from their pursuers, but it was a gruelling mission for the Monster Energy Ford Team duo who left behind eays steps tracks. In the end, the Spaniard got thirtieth place with the American publishing twenty-fifth. The result leaves the set lying in fairly reasonable general positions: Barreda is eighth plus Brabec thirteenth, 11’15” behind the best choice.

Second place in late the first looping stage went to Kevin Benavides. The rider, hailing through Salta, Argentina got off to some strong start this morning, hoping to clinch a partial victory, but ultimately having to settle for the second best time during. The result places the rider 2nd, just 33 seconds behind the particular rider who leads the provisional.

It turned out to be a great day for Chilean José Ignacio Cornejo, who showed no indications of hesitation whilst momentarily opening the particular track for several kilometres after getting up with the leading group. The Iquiqueño rider imposed a steady pace all through to claim tenth final location, both in this third stage and the general standings.

The next day, stage four, will see the Dakar return to the Saudi Arabian funds, but unlike last year, it will not be for the rest day, although competition will definitely need it after completing more than 800 kilometres of stage. The particular longest day of the event happens between Wadi Ad-Dawasir and Riyadh with a 476-kilometre link section when compared with just 337km against the clock. It really is expected to be a day with much less complex navigation on fast songs where they riders will be able to actually let rip with the Honda CRF450 RALLY.

Ricky Brabec    one


You know the results are uncontrollable. It’s like a rubber band impact. It’s flip-flop, either out or even in. It’s really difficult – certainly not frustrating. We can’t figure out how to return into the swing of it. We need to complete in the top ten and it’s very hard to find that rhythm and find that will speed. We can’t seem to discover how to finish around seventh place to sit there and watch almost everything unfold. The Hondas and Toby have opened every stage up to now. It’s been pretty difficult up to now, but we just need to find a brand new strategy. We’ll try and see if we are able to do something different tomorrow and try to finish in the top ten. The situation that will Joan and I are in is difficult. We are at the back and they are in front. We’re at the opposite ends from the spectrum. We need to get the group collectively, but the navigation is slow in certain areas and fast in other people. The roadbook, the results, the rankings have all been a roller-coaster. Every thing so far has been up and down. We are twelve minutes off the lead. We can allow it to be up in one day, especially beginning with the back tomorrow. It’s only time three. We are going to do our best.

José Ignacio Cornejo    4


It had been a stage with a bit of every thing. Dune areas, trial areas using a lot of rocks and also some very quick parts. Today’s goal was to attempt to catch up with those in front, I did this and I opened a good part of the phase too. I am happy with my speed and little by little I am progressing within the general standings. I feel very confident with the bike and I am extremely motivated to continue turning out strong stages and continuing to make improvement in the general classification.

Kevin Benavides    47


Very happy to be in front side again. Today I started through behind and I knew how to make the most of this situation. I went out to do our best and I felt very confident with the bike and with the speed. Happy to have made up some time. Tomorrow it can be time to open the track, therefore i will have to try to do my greatest. This Dakar is turning out to be completely different, with a lot of ups and downs, but for i am very happy and eager to keep on.

Joan Barreda    88


These days was a difficult day as we began from the front opening the monitor. During the first part it was difficult to get some gaps between all the stones. Later in the area of soft dunes, there was clearly a lot of wind and poor presence and I also lost a bit of period. From then on, the other riders caught up beside me, the group got bigger and we entered the finish-line together.


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