These Classic European Sports Cars Are Just Like Muscle Cars…But Faster

Sports cars and muscle vehicles are undoubtedly the two most attractive car segments for every gearhead. And many respects, they can be quite comparable. Cars in both categories often function roaring V8 engines, rear-wheel generate, and awesome, hot, and amazing looks. The whole point of these vehicles is to entice and excite a person. If they don’t do either of these things then they are not sports or even muscle cars. Here’s a question after that: can Europe make a sports car which is like a muscle car?

Muscle cars are virtually all linked to the United States. And the golden era started in the 1960s. But , European vehicle manufacturers aimed to replicate this particular by creating sports cars that will embodied that muscle car soul. It didn’t often work out even though, for various reasons, despite a few of these cars being fantastic. This checklist is one that contains ten fast plus incredible classic European sports vehicles that are way too similar to American muscle tissue cars for it to be a coincidence… yet they’re also faster.

ten AC 428

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Italian coachbuilder Frua wanted to create a GT body that will sit atop a stretched edition of the Cobra MK3’s chassis. And therefore, the AC 428 was born.

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And these were incredibly rare as well, with only 81 examples integrated the 1970s so the spotlight had been never shone on them. Powered with the 427 Ford V8 engine, it might certainly hold its own against competitors from the likes of Ferrari.

nine Jensen CV8

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Jensen is probably most widely known for the Interceptor. And we will cover that will later. But at one phase, they turned to Chrysler to assist up their own game and to try and produce a V8-powered vehicle that could rival the best of exactly what America had to offer.

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And therefore, the CV8 was born. And it got onboard Chrysler’s big-block V8, along with 330 HP that could hit 0-60 in 6. 7 seconds, lightning-quick for the time.

8 Aston Martin V8

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Aston Martin is probably the most well-known British carmaker. They have produced famous cars such as the Volante and the DB5, and the V8 is one of those brilliant cars.

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A grand tourer that required an astonishing 1200 man-hours to finish, being completely hand-built. It was powered by a 5. 3-liter V8 engine, and it became the particular mainstream car for Aston Matn for nearly 20 years before it was changed by the Virage in 1989.

seven Allard J2

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This might seem like an unusual car to hold this list, but it is very worth a mention here. Sidney Allard and his company could see that the more-performance-based car could work perfectly, having seen the potential in the US market regarding such a car.

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And this, within 1949 the Allard J2 came to be. Whilst British versions lacked a little with the flathead V8, American customers could shoehorn any V8 through the likes of Cadillac or Oldsmobile into the car, creating a fantastic-looking roadster that was also great to drive.

six MG ZT 260

via Autocar

This might seem like a somewhat odd choice to include on this listing. But despite being just a beefed-up Rover 75, it was a rare glowing beacon of light when MAGNESIUM Rover was really in the doldrums.

via Autocar

The company re-engineered its ZT saloon so it could take a V8 motor, which turned out to be the Modular four. 6-liter version from Ford. It had been a bold move for a firm that was nearly bankrupt, but child it produced a solid performance vehicle.

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5 Ghia 400 SS Boxer

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This looks like a proper American muscles car. Except that it isn’t a north american muscle car. The Ghia 400 SS was produced by Girogetto Giugiaro, and in collaboration with coachbuilder Carrozzeria Ghia.

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They only marketed 57 cars, which makes this extremely rare. And it shares its motor with the Plymouth Barracuda but oozed Italian prestige and performance. Acquiring one of these now is like finding precious metal.

4 Iso Grifo

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This is another sort of an Italian machine that simply wants to be American. The Grifo was a large grand tourer, having a long bonnet and that could be installed with any number of Chrysler V8 motors or perhaps the 351 For OF V8 engine.

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It was nearly a lucky dip. But youngster did it look good, and it was made by Iso until they went breast in 1974.

3 AC Cobra

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To tell the truth, it would perhaps be wrong not to include the AC Cobra on this listing. Possibly the most famous European and United states car collaboration ever.

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It had been developed from the AC Ace, a little, two-seater sports car, that then was created further by the legend that was Carroll Shelby. A lot of us call it the Shelby Cobra but mention the name AIR CONDITIONING UNIT Cobra to fans of the vehicle, and they will know exactly what you are referring to.

2 Jensen Interceptor

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Here it is after that. The Interceptor, the Jensen vehicle that we mentioned earlier. It was certainly one of just a handful of true, European muscle mass cars and its name just oozed cool and boy this vehicle looked good.

via Vehicle And Classic

It should have too, being designed by Carrozzeria who also designed Aston Martin’s DB5. Powered with a Chrysler 6. 3 liter OF V8 engine, it has even spawned a contemporary reboot of the car. A true Uk classic, and one of the best possible European sports cars , yet one that truly feels like a muscles car.

1 TVR Griffith

via Robb Document

TVR has been sadly never renowned for their excellent cars. Well, they were, but they furthermore did breakdown a lot. But youngster they gave it a good move sometimes.

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The Griffith came to be out of US car dealer Jack port Griffith’s ambition to effectively switch the TVR Grantura into the AIR CONDITIONER Cobra. The Griffith was the consequence of that effort. Whilst dock hits in the US meant only 300 had been built, the car, powered by the Kia 289 V8 engine, has become a traditional.

Sources: Autocar, Robb Report, Boss Hunting, Wikipedia, Vehicle And Classic, Motor Biscuit

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