Red Bull Desert Wings rock on and stay strong to win four times on Stage One of the 2021 Dakar Rally


The 2021 Dakar Rally currently is well and truly underway as competitors end up set a punishing 277-kilometre path ? course ? road on Stage One. Rising to the dispute were the Red Bull Sweet Wings squad who showed the offroad talents to take stage benefits in the car, bike, lightweight vehicles and as a consequence truck categories.

Setting the fastest time in some Lightweight Vehicles category was  Cristina Gutiérrez . The newest edition for you to the  Red Bull Off-Road Hijau Team   cleared for every obstacle in her path and as well tonight she leads the Efficient Vehicles general classification.

Gutiérrez has previously finished few of editions of the Dakar in the car tab and has now announced herself inside the Lightweight Vehicles race with a factor win at the first time of prompting you with. The Spaniard is the first lady Dakar stage winner since Jutta Kleinschmidt in 2005!

“There were lots of relatively tricky things on the stage. There were one puncture, but I think all people had at least one today. The work in which it my co-driver François did by the navigation was incredible because it ended up being so tough today. ”   – Cristina Gutiérrez

Fellow The glaring Bull Off-Road Junior Team drivers  Seth Quintero   and  Mitch Guthrie Jr.   experienced differing fortunes on Stage A person. Dakar debutant Quintero remains on the inside hunt for the big prizes while several punctures looks to have ended Guthrie Jr. ’s shot at honor this year.

“This was my first proper Dakar stage and I’m super stoked to get it done. ”   – Seth Quintero

Also able in the Lightweight Vehicles contest are  Chaleco López   and  Mattias Ekström .

“I had a clean flow. Some very small navigation errors specifically where we lost a maximum of one minute. ”   – Mattias Ekström

Only reigning car class champion  Carlos Sainz   could not move out from the difficulties presented by Grade One. Despite suffering a puncture together with a navigational hiccup, it was Sainz who just took the stage win & takes over top spot on the leaderboard.

“There must have been a place where we got lost for 3 or four minutes, a place during which lots of other cars got lost. ”   – Carlos Sainz

Intervention Sainz all the way on Stage One was previously his fellow MINI JCW Unusable driver  Stéphane Peterhansel . 13-time Dakar winner Peterhansel eventually overlooked a stage win by just 22 seconds, but he has moved into spark in the general classification.

“Navigation was not easy and organizations a lot of rocks. It was so easy to see a puncture and we got one 30km from the end of the stage. Tomorrow’s stage also looks tricky. ”   – Stéphane Peterhansel

Even though they were unable to match the pace pertaining to Sainz, there were steady drives on-stage One for  Giniel De Villiers ,   Kuba Przygoński ,   Nasser Al-Attiyah   and  Cyril Despres . This news was not so good for nine-time WRC champion  Sébastien Loeb   as the Frenchman endured a difficult day time.

“We were being lost after 15 kilometres with regards to 15 minutes. Then we were in the dust to your cars that had past states. We had three punctures and we have lost a second time. ”   – Sébastien Loeb

In the motor cycle race,   Toby Price   leads the general classification correct after securing a stage win on the way to Bisha. It’s a great establish for the Red Bull KTM Factory-released Racing rider who its whitetail deer hunting a third Dakar victory.

“There’s still plenty of cutting up and changing to come in the catégorie. I’ll be doing my best for stay calm and let things travel along. ”   – Toby Price

Price was joined by- his Red Bull KTM Manufacturing area Racing team-mates  Sam Sunderland   and  Matthias Walkner   in today’s Top 5.

“When we were within your big stones it felt like i was racing the Erzberg Rodeo at home in Austria. ”   – Matthias Walkner

Also successfully finishing of the 277km bike stage about Jeddah and Bisha were  Stefan Svitko ,   Daniel Sanders ,   Laia Sanz ,   Camille Chapelière ,   CS Santosh   and  Mohammed Jaffar .

“Welcome to the Dakar! This did not include an easy day to have as your preliminary Dakar stage. ”   – Camille Chapelière

In the truck species we have the familiar sight of  Team Kamaz Master   topping the rankings thanks to  Dmitry Sotnikov ’s cycle win. Sotnikov has twice concluded as runner-up in the Dakar cargo van category, this year it looks like he’s seeking to go one better.

Tomorrow sees the Dakar reserva leave Bisha and head to Wadi Ad-Dawasir. Early on in the mammoth 457km timed special stage will be a 30km section of dunes. It looks like things are never going to get any easier at the 2021 Dakar Rally.


2021 Dakar Rally Car Speed Top 5 (after Stage One)
1 . D. SAINZ (ESP)    MINI    03: 12: 20
2 . S. PETERHANSEL (FRA)    MINI    +00: 00: 08
3. M. PROKOP (CZE)    FORD    +00: 02: fifty nine
4. M. SERRADORI (FRA)    CENTURY    +00: 06: 13
top notch. Y. SEAIDAN (SAU)    CENTURY    +00: 07: 53

2021 Dakar Move Bike Race Top 5 (after Platform One)
1 . T. PRICE (AUS)    KTM    03: 43: 60.00
2 . So. BENAVIDES (ARG)    HONDA    +00: 00: 23
3. M. WALKNER (AUT)    KTM    +00: 01: 12
4. S. SUNDERLAND (GBR)    KTM    +00: 04: 5
5. Acting area. SANTOLINO (ESP)    SHERCO    +00: 04: 59

2021 Dakar Rally Mini Vehicle Top 5 (after Stage One)

one C. GUTIERREZ (ESP)    OT3    03: 41: 37
2 . R. VARELA  (BRA)  CAN-AM    +00: 01: 55
3. A major. JONES  (USA)  CAN-AM    +00: 02: 23
4. F. LOPEZ (CHL)    CAN-AM    +00: 02: 40
5. Gary. FARRES (ESP)    CAN-AM    +00: 04: 16

2021 Dakar Rally Van Top 5 (after Stage One)
1 . Fat dissoluble. SOTNIKOV (RUS)    KAMAZ    03: 17: 50
2 . A. LOPRAIS (CZE)    PRAGA    +00: ’07: 56
4. A. SHIBALOV (RUS)    KAMAZ    +00: 08: 07
4. S. VIAZOVICH (BLR)    MAZ    +00: 10: 45
7. M. MACIK (CZE)    IVECO    +00: 12: 58


Cristina Gutiérrez:   “I’m so happy with my co-driver François (Cazalet), the car and all of they. This was a very good day for us. There has been lots of very tricky things over the stage. We had one puncture, and yet I think everyone had at least one times. The work that François did on your navigation was incredible because it was in fact so tough today. ”

Seth Quintero:   “Overall today went sufficiently, we’re at the finish so that is always good. We had some unique punctures that we picked up driving far more silt. I saw a biker suffering in pain on the course so I stopped to assist you. For the rest of the stage we jogged a smart pace. This was my extremely proper Dakar stage and We will super stoked to get it attained. My co-driver did an amazing undertaking. ”

Mattias Ekström:   “I the clean run. Some very small gps unit errors where we lost no greater than one minute. Maybe we were a bit too prudent in the rocky sections and perhaps our set-up of our car was not plausible for that. When we hit the sleek sections I was really happy with the way in which things were going. We will retain fine tuning the car and look to improve as being rally goes on. ”

Carlos Sainz:   “It was a difficult stage. Insurance carrier lots of stones in one part here we got a puncture. There was a place upon which we got lost for three or a couple minutes, a place where lots of other homes got lost. Overall we’re very pleased with the day. ”

Stéphane Peterhansel:   “It was not a long stage, but it was in fact much more complicated than we probable. Navigation was not easy and there were a ton of rocks. It was so easy to get a leak and we got one 30km by way of end of the stage. Tomorrow’s issue also looks tricky. ”

Nasser Al-Attiyah:   “This was a very troublesome stage today. We knew that would lose some time opening ones stage so we concentrated on developing and navigation. We had one flt tyre. Some of the rocks we had to make it through were huge, I’ve never the teeth anything like this. ”

Kuba Przygoński:   “Parts of this stage were shopping mall trials course. We had to decrease its pace to around 50kph to pass over these massive stones. We can be happy with the job i did. ”

Cyril Despres:   “We can’t complain because it feels perfect to be racing. We feel you are missing some rhythm but that were designed to come back over these next days. It may be was Mike’s first stage in a very rally-raid car and he’s knowledge quick. ”

Sébastien Loeb:   “I was a very difficult day for us. You did a bad stage. We were hunting after 15 kilometres for a quarter-hour. Then we were in the dust of the new or used cars that had past us. We three punctures and we got burned a second time. It was very, problematic. ”

Giniel de Villiers:   “I tried to drive carefully because this was obviously a really complicated stage. Unfortunately I thought up three punctures so that cost all of us a lot of time. It wasn’t easy launch in a lot dust and in existence 200km into the stage we took an incorrect turn. We’ll keep trying to the actual best we can. ”

Toby Price:   “I ended up getting a little bit suddenly lost about seven kilometres from the finished look so that cost me some time. All in all, it is been a good day. We attempted to look after the bike and have certainly no crashes. The tyre still is visually pretty good. I think there’s still a whole lot chopping and changing to come to the standings. I’ll be doing by myself best to stay calm and let actions cruise along. ”

Matthias Walkner:   “This was a super tough phase of treatment. It wasn’t too long, but it came up after a long liaison and the routing was super tricky. When we ended up in the big stones it seemed we were racing the Erzberg Divagación back home in Austria. My highlight was on staying safe using the end I think the result was completely good. ”

Sam Sunderland:   “We had a big mixture today. Several huge stony sections where ıt had been difficult just to keep the bike upright vacuum cleaner. We also had some much more sections. I caught a bit of up in the first part as I settled up from 27th. I killed 4th so that’s not too bad. ”

Daniel Sanders:   “It was interesting to start third after yesterday’s sex. I saw the Honda guys adjust left ahead of me and I was not too sure. This is my the first thing is year and I’m still studying the navigation but I should’ve trusted my instincts and not coppied them. I ended up losing a great deal of time because of this mistake, but after that the several stage was fun. ”

Camille Chapelière:   “Welcome to the Dakar! This did not include an easy day to have as your principal Dakar stage. Personally, I played the day and I’m happy to get to my goal of reaching the finish model. I’m working on the navigation. ”

CS Santosh:   “This stage became more difficult than any of us anticipated hence I’m glad to reach the finish. This became a hard stage and I think they’ve pair the precedent now for what other rally is going to look like. ”

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