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First let’ h review what is so special relating to this picture. If you are an American you should really like your country and cherish your own flag. I certainly do so when you park a beautiful car beneath the flag, I am in deep enjoy.

I have a Mopar plus it’ s a 69 Street Runner. It is a great old school vehicle that drives and behaves just like a ’ 69 Mopar did. However I always and I mean always wished a GTX or a Dodge Coronet with a 440 and a 727 tranny. I drove one when I was obviously a young guy and was connected. I love the long hood, huge fenders, huge trunk, and most of most that very hot 440 engine. Therefore , why don’ t I have a single?

Well, I am the idiot of course because my 1st love was a Mustang. So , I purchased that. My second love has been and is an old Chevy Truck the AD. Advanced Design is what these were named for the ’ 49 in order to ’ 53 Chevrolet and GENERAL MOTORS CO trucks. I got that bug like a kid and never could shake this. So , when the opportunity arose We acquired a 49 Chevy Pickup truck.
Okay, still area for more so I came across an offer on a ’ 69 Road Jogger. The RR was my senior high school must have car because the jocks and so on had them and they were quick and cool. But , in senior high school I was a lowly poor son working part time gigs to survive. Therefore, no RR then but I actually managed to find the car I could not really afford then but could right now, so I bought it. Still no GTX however.

Then, I purchased a 1928 Ford Model The. Why? Well, my Dad had 1 out of high school and he loved that will black car with the red tires. He spoke lovingly about that vehicle and I always hoped I could get one and give it to him as being a present. He passed away before I possibly could do so but I bought one that is usually black with red wheels in the honor. It is in the final levels of restoration and I will happily drive it this summer in his recognize. Still, no GTX.

I was ready for one more car intended for my collection and I studied a lot of cars. I looked at rat supports, hot rods, jalopy’ s, and almost everything in between. I looked at an Avoid Daytona and at a Superbird yet both were way out of the reach. So , I had a Mopar, one Mustang, an old 49 Vehicle, and a Model A. Now exactly what? I need the GTX badly yet I also at this time need some beast comforts. So , after much spirit searching I bought a 2013 Shelby Cobra. A supercharged 5. eight liter engine that is scary quick. And I mean scary fast. Therefore , in my collection I have cars and trucks I usually wanted but no GTX. Therefore , what’ s a grown guy to do?

I think We are at some point going to sacrifice my 2006 Mustang GT and some cash to purchase the GTX or the Coronet. This must have the 440 or the 426 hemi and it must have the 727 transmission. Once I get this achieved I am going to stop collecting for a while and start driving them. I am searching for a building that I can convert right into a car storage facility for the cars during the winter as well. I would like them all under one roof plus secure. I tend to take points in steps but now I am a little angry with myself that the one particular car I always loved is not inside my collection. I will get there in time yet I will find an original one that continues to be refreshed and at some point allow it to be mine. As you noticed I have the best three car companies covered pretty much and that was always my strategy.

The moral the following is to keep your eye on the objective, no matter how long it takes. It’ h possible, it just takes a bit of time.

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