Journeying Jeep: Richie Rocco’s Overlanding JK

“Off the grid” – it is a notion we’ve all sensed at one time or another. It’s about obtaining away from the rat race, from the 9-5, from humdrum city and provincial life, and letting wanderlust control. Few people will actually act onto it, but some, like Richie Rocco, can make it their mission in life.

Richie, a Marine fight veteran, decided to pull up stakes through life in L. A. plus move out into the wilderness. He decided on a two-door 2015 Jeep Wrangler JK to get him there. “I’ve wished to do something extreme, ever since I got from the military, ” he said. “I’ve wanted to spread this awareness of character and how healing it can be to see this for yourself. I think this is the best way to look about it. ”

Richie Rocco programs to take this 2015 Willys Release JK across the country using the Trans-America Path. Along for the ride will be their canine companion, Chance.

And extreme is certainly a term to describe Richie’s goals. Inspired to consider the Trans-America Trail, a path stretching 5, 000 miles throughout the United States, Richie went about outfitting his Jeep to carry everything he’d need to live on his own as he can make his way through the U. S i9000.

Background Of The Create

2012 was whenever Richie first got a real flavor of off-roading. “I was residing in Portland, Oregon, and I only a new Subaru at that point, ” he left a comment. “Starting from Portland, I continued a trip all the way up to Alaska. I acquired pretty close to the Arctic circle upon that trip and I lived within nature for about six months. It was crazy! ”

Later on, Richie moved back to his hometown within Los Angeles. However , he constantly sensed the need to get out and away from the particular routines of everyday life. On YouTube, he or she found inspiration in two stations –  The storyplot Till Now plus Epic Household Road Trip . Both channels hopeful the overlanding lifestyle, and sparked Richie to give off-roading another photo, going even further than he had just before.

I have wanted to spread this awareness of character and how healing it can be to see this for yourself.       –Richie Rocco

With this expedition, however , Richie was really investing in the idea of living on his own. To that finish, he moved out of his T. A. apartment and set about producing the Jeep his home and fireside. “When you’re unhappy, you’ve got to create a change, ” he said. “John Muir said it best. He or she said, ‘The mountains are phoning and I must go. ’ He or she tried out living in a city and yes it just didn’t work. I feel exactly the same way. That’s why I’m creating this huge change in my life. ”

Based on what he or she knew and saw in rough-road vehicles, Richie went with a Willys Edition Jeep JK two-door. It had been what he could afford while nevertheless having enough space to keep their dog, Chance, and also keep all the essentials on hand – food, equipment, clothing, and more.

Richie bought the particular Jeep only recently, and constructed it in about a month’s period. He’s eager to get back to his eastbound journey across the United States!

Build Highlights

We finally met up with Richie in person near Cleghorn Trail within San Bernardino, California. By this time, Richie had taken the 4×4 all kinds of places, from Arizona in order to Wyoming to Oregon and down again to SoCal. Along the way, the 4×4 gave him some troubles, yet he remains hopeful that he could possibly get the Wrangler fixed and back again on duty fairly soon.

Since the Jeep wasn’t in the greatest shape, we opted to stay from the trail and play it secure. We found a clearing close to the trailhead to do our shoot and obtain into the guts of what made this particular Jeep perfect for overlanding.

Richie’s JK uses 35-inch Nitto Trail Grapplers, which have already seen snow. “They’re amazing in that type of terrain, ” he said.

Starting from the ground up, Richie’s construct uses 35-inch Nitto Trail Grapplers to give him solid grip within slippery situations. “They’ve worked out very well in the snow, ” he left a comment. The big Nittos are stopped using a TeraFlex brake system.

Around the tires are Poison Spyder upgrades including rock sliders, fenders, and bumpers. “I’ve gotten plenty of use out of the Poison Spyder components, ” said Richie. “They support my full body weight, which is excellent since I have to access my roofing constantly. I like that the front fender can also fit a winch. I am using the Smittybilt XRC 9, 500-pound version, which I find is more compared to enough for the Jeep. ”

Poison Spyder rock sliders, bumpers, and fender flares provide stout protection against the elements. Their front bumper also mounts the particular Smittybilt XRC 9, 500-pound winch to help recover the Jeep if this gets stuck.

Richie uses a Garvin Wilderness Journey roof rack to store their essentials, tent, and more on top of the particular Jeep. He also mounted ladders on either side of the back to make it easy to get up top.

Speaking of the roof, Richie needed a roof rack to aid a tent, tools, and other products. For this, he went to Garvin Industries   and got an Expedition stand. “It’s awesome, ” said Richie. “The Wander tent is up right now there, along with a Krazy Beaver shovel, Fiskars axe, RotopaX with fuel plus water, and X-BULL traction parts. ”

The suspension system is bolstered with a Mopar Phase III lift, raising it 3 inches. Richie went with FOX 2 . 0 smooth shocks to maintain within his budget. “I require bigger on the shocks because today, they’re just not heavy-duty enough to deal with all the weight up there, ” he said.

The inside houses a Dometic fridge, molle panels for backseat storage, and much more.

For their drivetrain, Richie is running share on everything. The engine is the several. 6-liter V6 found in all JKs, plus the automatic transmission and share transfer case. The Dana axle assemblies (44 rear, 30 front) make use of stock gearing and don’t have lockers, which Richie hopes to improve sooner than later.

To get lighting, Richie went with KC HiLiTES . The front of the Garvin rack keeps an array of Pro 6 lights dealing with forward, while underneath the windshield are usually Dual Flex pod lights. Beneath the Jeep, Richie installed several KC Cyclone lights as rock lamps. All of them (as well as the winch) are controlled in the cabin utilizing an sPOD system with switch sections overhead and next to the steering wheel.

KC HiLiTES lighting addresses the Jeep in maximum lighting. Using an sPOD system, Richie provides visibility forward, around, and beneath the vehicle.

When it comes to nitty-gritty of living out of the 4×4, Richie has packed in almost everything possible to make it work. “I convey more or less a mini-setup associated with my apartment I was living in, without a closet, ” he described. “Half of the Jeep’s cabin consignments space is dedicated to Chance. ” Richie uses a Dometic fridge in order to store food, a ROAM situation for essentials, and a TemboTusk   small grill to cook for themselves. The back of the seats also function molle panels to hook up additional gear – flashlights, tools, and so forth

What’s Next To get Richie

Richie expectations to get his Jeep fixed plus ready for adventure as soon as possible. “I’d want to start in Yosemite and do some hair watching, ” he said. “From there, I plan on hitting every single trail imaginable on the way to the Eastern Coast. ”

Nevertheless , weather will play a factor in just how much Richie adheres to the Trans-America Path. “Keeping Chance warm will be essential, so I might have to play it secure sometimes, ” he said. “But I’ll keep heading east till I get to North Carolina. I’m wishing I can do it all in the period of one year. ”

Taking care of the environment is a hallmark associated with honest off-roading. That’s why Richie furthermore tacked on a Trasharoo trash pot, which makes it easy to store trash till he can dump it properly.

Richie’s dream any that all of us can relate to. It is one where we cast from the trappings of modern life and really match the wilderness, meeting new people plus enjoying experiences that can only originate from this sort of adventure. We encourage you to identify out more on Richie’s expedition by using him on Instagram . Also, don’t forget to look at Garvin Industrial sectors for more info on roofing racks that make overlanding possible.

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