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I mentioned recently this ’ 57 has to be the most well-known car ever made. The only other vehicles I can think of may be the Corvette or maybe the Mustang. But remember, this was an one 12 months style and even back in ’ 57 GM knew it was a hit. Therefore , what did they do? Changed this of course.

But let’ s focus on the ’ 57 as they are as popular because ever. Whether it is a car that has been refurbished or a lucky guy that discovers in a barn, few people would switch away. It has iconic styling and am will lay odds it will stay a favorite. The car had plenty of space for four adults easily but still managed to be a stylish car. You can buy this car as a 4 door, but nearly everyone agrees the 2 door is the ticket.

These cars are getting hard to find unblemished after all these years. When you are found big money is paid. Possibly one for sale today anywhere, a lot of money is paid.
I could see one on Craigslist earlier this year within poor condition and the guy wished 15k. A week later I approached him and he said it was marketed and would not reveal the price. I am going to bet it was not much less than the particular asking price. When you know you do not need in order to budge much, you don’ big t. So , maybe the tip of the day would be to buy one if you can and treat it just like a princess. They are not making them anymore therefore the supply is limited. We all know what happens in order to prices of anything when provide is limited and demand is higher.

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