Muscle Car Talk: Classic or New?

It’ s something we only had to start inquiring ourselves a few years ago and this is really a prime example.
Must i spring for a new Cobra GRAND TOURING with all the latest gizmos, bells and whistles, or even take a ’ 67 such as this plus build it my way?

Both have great styling, each would have great engine power and am assume both would have the most dependable features you desire. I say that due to the fact anyone who would spring for this type of money in a resto mod would definitely install the best brakes and wheels packages.

The cost could be the same for both. In the case of the particular ’ 67 you would have the price of finding the right ’ 67 to start your construct and go up from there.
The new 2016 is done for you yet may lack a few things that might be “ personal” items. You might want the particular tach in a different place. Probably Reco seats are not your style or else you prefer a Borla exhaust. The list might be endless but if you just went upright against a 2016 Mustang GRAND TOURING versus an older 1967 Mustang restomod I still think it would a difficult decision. Some would argue just styling mattered and that becomes an individual choice again.

From the website that usually promotes the classics, it almost seems like heresy thinking of a new muscle car over a well used one, but it really comes down to priorities and exactly what you want from a car. Budget is generally the biggest factor, then time plus resources. Many times it simply what type you prefer as an all-round car. A proper maintained classic can be equally as great a daily driver as a new vehicle, but may need more regular servicing. However , a new car may cost you more money than it does need a services.

I am sure there are lots of discussions on both sides. This might become a good question at your next Mustang club get together as I am sure this particular gets batted around once in a while. Brand new vs old. Spy vs secret agent and all that fun stuff.

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