Five Essential Bolt-On Mods To Enhance Your 2018+ Mustang GT Manual

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The 2018 Mustang GT is a major leap forward, yet we know all too well that there is usually room for improvement. With a couple of bolt-on modifications, adding that will extra level of performance is properly within reach. However , picking the right combination is creates a lot of questions.

Fortunately, Stephanie Wood through AmericanMuscle walks us through the girl top five must-have modifications for your 2018 Mustang GT.   These efficiency focused mods will not only make your own 2018 Mustang GT faster, yet bulking up its muscular character as well.

I picked out five modifications as a whole that all benefit the 2018 Mustang GRAND TOURING in some way, shape, or form. — Stephanie Wood, AmericanMuscle

“We are going to look at a few of the first modifications to your 2018 Mustang GT, ” she said. “I picked out five modifications in total that benefit the 2018 Mustang GT in some manner, shape, or form. ”

Whilst AmericanMuscle previously suggested upgrades in order to vehicles equipped  with the 10R80 tranny, Stephanie decided to give the six-speed guide fans some love in this video clip. This particular Orange Fury 2018 Mustang GT is equipped with the 6R80 tranny, MagneRide suspension, and the popular Energetic Valve Performance Exhaust option.

The available MagneRide diffusing system for the 2018 Mustang can be something that until this year was limited for the  GT350 and GT350R model year Mustangs. The energetic damping system uses sensors situated around the vehicle to adjust the suspension system based on various inputs, including velocity, steering angle, brake pressure, assortment and longitudinal acceleration, engine rpm, drive mode selection, and even outdoors air temperature.

Five 2018 Mustang GT Mods

• Barton Hybrid 3 short-throw shifter w/ brushed pull-up collar (PN 394272 ; $475)

• C& L Racer cold air consumption (PN 402185 ; $299)

• Corsa Xtreme cat-back exhaust w/ black tips (PN 404905 ; $2, 199)

• Ford Efficiency MagneRide lowering springs (PN 399319 ; $276)

• VMP Efficiency Rev-X Tuner by SCT w/ one custom tune (PN 404825 ; $599)

While including MagneRide to your new Mustang is within our opinion a smart choice, it is very important note that if you do choose this improve and are interested in lowering the automobiles ride  height, you need to pick up the spring that is compatible with the MagneRide dampening system.

The Kia Performance lowering springs that Stephanie selected will lower your  automobile 20mm on all four corners and offers owners a subtle  but intense ride height.

The girl then walked us through precisely how easy it is to install the Corsa Performance exhaust on the 2018 Mustang GT. The full Extreme cat-back  program from Corsa is an ideal option for owners looking to add a serious aggressive tone to the latest S550, while also keeping the energetic functionality in place. If you take a pay attention to the video above after the install, it is easy to hear the difference in audio.

“You are really obtaining a wide range of exhaust notes and variety with the Corsa Active Cat-Back Wear out, and is definitely one of the top of the line wear out choices when it comes to active exhausts for that 2018 Mustang GT, ” Stephanie said.

Last 30 days, AmericanMuscle showed us just how simple it was to add power to your share Coyote engine with nothing more than the cold air intake and custom made tune. So it came as not surprising that Stephanie added that exact same upgrade to her top-five list of adjustments.

The SCT Performance   programmer and VMP Performance custom made tune   combo is an simple affordable way to pick up horsepower plus torque on a lightly modified automobile, and AmericanMuscle picked up peak increases of 22 horsepower and 6 lb-ft of torque over a stock 2018 Mustang GT.

The final upgrade upon AmericanMuscle’s list was addressing a place that has been a topic of discussion because the S550 debuted back in 2015, the particular MT-82 manual transmission. The 2018 Mustang GT’s manual transmission continues to be completely redesigned to include a twin-disc clutch and dual-mass flywheel to boost torque capability and deliver more effective clutch modulation.

When you are adamant about shifting your personal gears on your new pony, after that chances are you going to want to invest in a high quality short-throw shifter to get the most from this redesigned transmission.

Stephanie recommends the Barton Hybrid several Short-Throw Shifter because it is an entire shifter replacement. The shifter can be installed to the transmission or the body from the car and when paired with the brand new Mustang and provides immediate feedback each on and off the track.

Naturally, all five of these improvements are available for purchase from AmericanMuscle. For more information within the entire lineup of aftermarket components for your 2018 Mustang GT, you are able to click on the company’s official website here .

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