1960s Ad For Chevy SS Family Demonstrates Breadth Of Lineup: Video

Nowadays, General Motors uses Chevy   SS (Super Sport) branding just on the Camaro , but things were completely different nearly 60 years ago. Back then, simply no fewer than three models bore Chevy SS badges, as can be seen in the industry that we recently unearthed, shown at the end of this article.

Since it refers to 1963 model year vehicles, this advertisement presumably aired in 1962. In order to musical accompaniment very typical for your time, the two minute-long clip begins by showing a cheerful youthful couple polishing their white Corvette Stingray, without saying much otherwise about the vehicle until the very finish.

As the narrator points out that “Chevrolet offers four different types of Super Sport fun”, Mom, Put and the two kids walk beyond the Corvette toward their Chevrolet Corvair adorned in the popular Monza cut level with the extra-cost Spyder choice, which means that its rear mounted, atmosphere cooled 2 . 4-liter flat-six motor is turbocharged. That means that this Corvair makes 150 horsepower, or fifty percent more than the most powerful naturally equiped engine in the range.

At that time, the Corvair was only the 2nd production automobile fitted with a turbocharger as a factory option, following the intro of another GM vehicle, the particular Oldsmobile Jetfire, earlier in 1962.

The ad profits briefly to the Corvette couple, prior to moving on to the Chevy SS design to feature is in fact the Chevy II Nova Super Sport, in whose “extra cost, extra fun” gear includes front bucket seats, electric clock and gauges, and all vinyl fabric (but leather grain) upholstery.

The Nova Super Sport can be obtained with coupe or convertible entire body styles, but this particular model is really a convertible, allowing us to see just how much the four occupants are taking pleasure in their ride.

A lot more Corvette polishing follows, only for the particular camera to move up and show the “jet smooth Chevrolet with all the extra cost, extra glamor Super Sports activity option”. Although it is not immediately called, this car is the third era Impala which, in SS type, features a locking compartment in the centre system and can be ordered with a slanting steering wheel.

Only after talking about these features does the narrator point out that the Impala is also accessible with a 409 cubic inch (6. 7 liter) Turbo Thrust edition of the Chevy Big Block OF V8, the second largest engine in the variety after an even larger 427 cu inch (7. 0 liter) Turbocharged Thrust, which was intended for use in NASCAR and drag racing.

With less than half a minute to go, the particular Chevy SS commercial at last fuses to the Corvette Stingray, and not just the particular white coupe which has tantalizingly made an appearance several times before, but also a precious metal convertible. It’s worth pointing out there that, outside of an one-off competition car built in 1957, the Corvette never wore the SS logo. As the narrator utters the enormous phrase, “Corvette Stingray by Chevy – America’s only true sports activities car”, the two vehicles head into the length, followed by coupe and convertible variations of the Corvair, Nova and Impala.

Check out the video beneath to get a flavor of what Chevrolets – and TV advertising – were like in the early 1960s.

Nowadays, the Chevy SS branding is restricted to the 1SS and 2SS Camaro coupe and convertible. These are 2 of three Camaro models (the third being the new LT1 trim) fitted with the naturally aspirated 6. 2L OF V8 LT1 engine, making 455 horsepower and 455 pound-feet of torque, though a supercharged edition of the same Small Block electric motor, known as LT4 , is used in the range-topping CAR. In the Camaro SS, the LT1 is mated either to a 6 spedd manual gearbox with Active Rev Match or to GM’s ten-speed automated transmission.

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