Righteous Red: Steve Lewis’ Bronco Prerunner

The 1991 Ford Bronco is really a beast of a vehicle. While Kia is using the Bronco back in 2021 , it really is one of the most-utilized prerunners in rough-road racing. The Bronco was Ford’s first SUV, and it was very unique. Its bulky cab within the mid-1960s made it stand out, but its 4th generation, which kicked off within 1987, really became a hit.   The reshaped Bronco just appeared awesome. It didn’t seem like one more SUV, and it appealed to rough-road racers.

Steve Lewis, who is the team manager of  Vildosola Racing , took his 1991 Bronco plus completely revitalized it for the latest Toyo Treadpass event in La. Lewis, who has raced off-road automobiles since 1998, has “always a new knack for mechanical things. ” But there might not have been any kind of challenge greater than redesigning his Bronco into a prerunner. This particular SUV can be specifically designed to race with the feel and look of the street version of the automobile.

Lewis has worked with Vildosola Racing for  about 15 many years, previously volunteering with the team possessed by his now father-in-law, Gus Vildosola. The goal in repairing this vehicle was for the group to have a spare prerunner, as well as a pursue vehicle for the race they type in. To that end, it’s been extended and features a roll cage for added protection. It will likely be used in the RATING International division, plus the Best Within the Desert Racing Association (BITD), creating it to be as light as is possible.

King coilovers and bypasses, 39-inch Toyo Open Country M/Ts, plus Ocho Fabrication twin-traction beam suspension system are some highlights of this Bronco construct.

“I bought in November of last year, ” Lewis said. “It was simply a cage and a Bronco cabin. Victor Dok of Dok-Tech Motorsports  took this to his shop and fundamentally made it a roller. He required care of the wheels, tires, motor, transmission, transfer case, and so on. ”

“Then, we introduced it to our shop and our manager, another employee, and personally, we did the wiring. All of us wired up the A/C, GPS, radios, and more. We also plumbed this. The goal was it needed to be done within a year of purchase, so we took it out for its first run just recently. ”

Lewis inserted a turnkey LS3 engine into the Bronco, as well as a four-speed Cole Haines 4L80 transmission. To make the rearend of the Bronco stronger, he used a  Currie 10-inch full-floater, giving it even more strength compared to the nine-inch version. The Bronco also includes King shocks, and its own suspension was tuned by Sameday Tuning .

“Right out of the box, it was excellent, ” said Lewis. “I passed through whoops at 121 miles an hour. ”

The rear wing of the Bronco was created by Alloy Studios, boasting carbon fiber. And the crossover steering was designed by Desolate Motorsports . Alloy also made the fuel cell, which holds up to 60 gallons. “All told, I think it had been finished for under $150, ooo, ” Lewis said. “Not bad for a completely built prerunner. ”

Lewis plans on revealing his next Ford Bronco Prerunner,   a non-stretched 4×4, next November. We’ll definitely be on the lookout for that upcoming build!

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