SEMA 2020: Hellwig Helper Springs For Ford Raptors

Ford Raptors continue to be strong opportunities in the off-road truck market. Huge, bold, and fast, these pick-ups have plenty of grunt thanks to their own EcoBoost engines, but when it comes to dragging, they could use a little help. Fortunately, Hellwig has just the thing – assistant springs.

We talked with Hellwig’s Marketing and International Product sales Manager, Mike Hallmark, to find out more regarding these suspension add-ons and what these people bring to the table. “Our helper springs is surely an essential modification for anyone towing using their Ford Raptor, ” he mentioned. “They maintain a level ride whilst towing, and enhance control plus comfort for the driver, as well as instilling confidence. ”

Hellwig’s helper springs install onto the particular leaf pack of the rear leaf springs. With this added support, the additional weight of a trailer or large load won’t cause the rear in order to sag, but rather to balance plus level out. What’s more, the particular helper springs pack a special conjunction with mitigate excessive noise under download.

This is thanks to noiseless ride bushings that come pre-installed for the helper springs. “Our exclusive noiseless ride bushings ensure years of tranquil operation, ” said Hallmark. “They work even when the rear is not loaded, so they’re active at all times. ”

As for the materials utilized in the making of the helper suspension systems, Hellwig takes great pride within using premium steel to provide customers. “Our helper springs are produced from 5160 spring steel, ” stated Hallmark. “It goes through a heat-treating process to ensure calculated support plus unsurpassed longevity. Also, these suspension systems are manufactured to fit the specific year, create, and model of the vehicle. ”

Towing with a Raptor right now comes with peace of mind thanks to Hellwig’s assistant springs. Be sure to find out more about them upon Hellwig’s web site , and don’t forget to follow Hellwig on Fb , too.

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