Muscle Car Talk: Maybe A Truck Project?

By Mark Weisseg

I happen to love Patina and when I were the lucky proprietor of this truck I would do every thing in my power to keep it original. The reason why? Well, it is only original as soon as and when it comes to trucks, that is generally my thing. Two of our classics are originals and the other people have had some modifications. It’ ersus just me.

Go find a project.
However , this old Kia is ripe for the picking today. Winter has gone, the days are lengthier and there is no better joy compared to tinkering with some rolling artwork.
Go find a project like here. There are many great web sites out there to find honest to goodness western vehicles ( that is how I found mine) that could use your talents. This small truck could write a story. Glance at the background. Small town, old trees and shrubs, old reliable truck, geez I really could shed a tear.

But I am serious about a project. Whether or not you desire a rat rod or even a monster hot rod, a truck such as this is the ticket. Maybe just get this running and safe for the roads. You might have many choices with a blank canvas such as this rig. Use your imagination and your abilities and make whatever you do your personal.

I did it many times and hope to continue to see our projects move along in the way I would like them too. It will cost you period, money and other issues will pop-up but when done you can beam along with pride. My goal is to keep treasures such as this out of the crusher and I certainly discover no value in letting them decay in a field somewhere.

At times I wonder if the trend in twenty or forty yrs from now will be to convert the rods back to the original status as well as the original status vehicles into something different.
I say that because when I have walked through an art gallery it seems like I always bump into a truck that was once pulled by race horses from the 1800’ s. Painstaking treatment and money was thrown on the wagon to make it look like it do back in the day. Side note to get big truck lovers. If you visit a big rig going down the road along with big tarps on it that is known as a covered wagon as which is what they looked like back before vehicles ruled the roads.
So , many things in our life come complete circle and we all know what was older is new again and so on.

Plenty to choose from.
There are plenty of cars and trucks simply begging to be bought and set up to your liking.

Just take 30 minutes and try a various search for something different. You will be stunned from how many options there are for you outside of the normal web sites we all tend to keep in mind. It is a question I get constantly on my barn finds. “ How or where did you discover this”? I answer the same method every time as it is the truth. I invested hours searching by vehicle or even type, or by asking individuals I know all over the country for advice or even guidance.
There is no method anyone of us could possibly know exactly where everything is. But , someone understands of a honey hole or a location that just might unleash your desires. Start talking, writing, do questions, and tell anyone you can make sure to call a friend you are on the quest for…. You might be surprised.
You can try our ‘ for sale’ section then expand your from there.

Start thinking, get off your ass, and start sowing your seeds everywhere.

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