Mercedes-Benz Designer Renders A Futuristic Pagani Supercar

It never hurts in order to dream. After all, who can blame those in lockdown for letting their particular imaginations run wild for the future to be able to escape the present temporarily? This means all of us at HotCars get to report on gemstones like the imagined sportscar pictured below mainly because we too like a dosage of alternate reality once in a while.

Vivien Kleczek is a graphic designer that likes to take his time in the futuristic creations. That’s why if you scroll through his Instagram page (@vivienkleczek), multiple posts will be dedicated to the particular developing progress of one model. Presently, his focus is on what Pagani cars of the future would look like.

This appears to be the first Pagani design study Kleczek’s shared with all of us publicly. Calling it his individual project, the car doesn’t have a title. As you can see, he’s taken design elements from the Zonda and Huayra supercars and incorporated all of them into something new we haven’t seen prior to.

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Now, you may have noticed that Kleczek’s work goes far more in-depth compared to some of the other renders we’ve noticed recently. This is because not only does this individual work on this as a hobby, he is actually a designer for Mercedes-Benz IDC Europe in France. Based on his LinkedIn profile , he’s been doing this for some time right now.

After an innere stint at Volkswagen, he continued to design for Skoda before moving forward to work for Mercedes-Benz in Italia and now, France. While he’s in a roundabout way credited for any production models which have come out in the last decade, it didn’t be crazy to speculate he’d had the opportunity to contribute to the car you’re traveling now.

Because indicated by his Instagram, Kleczek’s portfolio appears to represent not just Paganis of the future, but all cars of the future. Companies touched upon include but are not limited to Mercedes-Benz, Renault, Ferrari, and Honda. All his sketches appear to encapsulate some type of racing aspiration derived from past plus present Le Mans cars.

As someone who does this particular for a living, we look forward to viewing what he has in store in the way of feasible sketches. Perhaps someday, one of their homologated fantasies will become a reality for all of us to enjoy.

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