SEMA 2020: PROTHANE Bushings For Ford Raptors

Ford Raptors are some of the most serious off-road vehicles out there today. 1st introduced in 2009, the Blue Oblong pickups changed the game of what individuals thought an OEM could provide on a 4×4 truck. The Raptor embodied an off-road spirit from the get-go thanks to purpose-built shocks, wide track width, and high-horsepower engines. But these trucks still have disadvantages in their rubber bushings, which is why PROTHANE is proud to announce the new crop of bushings for people high-performance pickups.

All of us spoke with PROTHANE’s PR supervisor, Art Niese, to find out more information on the particular bushings. First and foremost is acknowledging PROTHANE’s use of performance urethane as the main material in the bushings, rather than rubberized found in most factory bushings.

“By switching to our functionality urethane bushings, Raptor owners will discover they enjoy higher durability plus greater stability in steering plus alignment, ” said Niese. “Our performance urethane is more resistant to fine sand and dirt contamination because of the natural material. Each and every bushing is manufactured to give the vehicle improved steering and sturdiness. ”

What’s a lot more, PROTHANE’s new offerings for the Raptors extends to both first-generation (2009-14) plus second-generation (2017-20) Raptors. “Our sets will take care of the front control hands, as well as the rear leaf springs, ” Niese explained.

The particular part numbers for the kits are usually as follows:

  • 2009-14 Raptor front control arm bushing kit (PN 6-223)
  • 2009-14 Raptor rear leaf springtime kit (PN 6-319)
  • 2017-20 Raptor front control adjustable rate mortgage bushing kit (PN 6-224)
  • 2017-20 Raptor rear leaf spring kit (PN 6-320)

Equipping Raptors for that long trail ahead is what these types of PROTHANE bushings are all about. Improved durability, better steering and balance, and high longevity are everything you stand to gain when you choose PROTHANE for the bushing replacements. Find out more by visiting PROTHANE’s website, and don’t forget to follow all of them on Facebook, too.

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