Another Truck Saved From The Crusher!

By Mark Weisseg

Not long ago we were tooling lower a highway and came upon this particular. It is a Ford pick up truck with a truck and on the trailer appears to be the 54 GMC barn find. We all slowed down as long as possible to look at the classic and then passed the vehicle noticing the two guys in the taxi of the Ford smiling and having a laugh.

That scene produced my day complete. Somehow understanding these two gear heads found this particular old classic truck, rented the trailer and drove a good range to get it on board and mind home made me smile. I understood as well as they did that they acquired many more days, weeks, months before them to get the new found traditional on the road.

It will take alot of cash, busted knuckles, time tracking components, and much more. But , these two guys rescued another one from the crusher and for that will – thumbs up. I wish I might have stumbled into them in a relaxation area so I could ask the most obvious questions but I didn’ big t. So we have to use our creativity on what the plan was.
Resto Mod it, hot fishing rod it, restore it, or utilize it for parts for a donor pickup truck. Either way it was good and we all of like to see something that may be directed toward the trash being cut back to life. I find this kinship wonderful and always think it is awesome we have this bond. At a vehicle show you walk up to a total unfamiliar person and start talking the talk. I had many new friends that I met by doing this and for all intent and reasons would have never met them any way. If we can save an old vehicle from the crusher we all should be more happy for it.

When I had been gainfully employed before my compelled retirement I had a school tour bus account I worked with. One day these people invited me over to watch all of them run an old bus through the crusher after the engine, trans, and chairs were out of it. I took benefit of the offer and when that crusher grabbed that bumper and pushed that big school bus straight into its claws we all stood since still as could be. It was incredible that this machine could swallow upward an entire bus in mere minutes leaving behind nothing but scraps of metal at the rear of to be recycled. Finally after many years of this and prices of discard metal at record lows these people found a different way of ridding on their own of old school buses. Yes, they will drive and tow them to South america where they lived out there life somewhere in South America. Today, the particular crusher is gone as it is no longer required.

Let’ s never use either of these tactics on this golden classics. Advertise what you have got, drag them out of the garage or even barn and I will bet you should have two guys and a trailer at the place pretty darn fast.

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