SEMA 2020: New “Max Amp” Alternators For Mustang And Jeep

When it comes to powering the accessories inside your late-model Mustang or Jeep, get an alternator that is “Tuff” sufficient to keep the juice flowing? Otherwise, the folks at TUFF STUFF Performance are ready to help you power those stereos and other high-amp items.

The Jeep TUFF MUDDER 175-amp alternators provide 135 amps at idle while the 250-amp alternator puts out 211 amps in idle.

The most recent offerings are the new MAX AMPLIFIER alternators that provide nearly 50-percent a lot more amperage than the stock alternator. Yes, these units have great amplifier delivery capability, but they also support the OE form for a direct fit. For those who have any add-on electronics like high-power stereos that can easily overwhelm the particular OE alternator, the new MAX AMPLIFIER alternators can handle nearly any download with a deliverable output of up to 210 amps at idle!

The new MAX AMP alternators just for Mustangs are a direct fit with OE wiring harness, dual plate rectifiers with 12 diodes, and cal king internal cooling fans.

Inside, the huge copper windings, giant diodes, and premium-quality golf ball bearings assure maximum output plus extreme dependability. These units include twin internal cooling fans that avoid overheating. In addition to the chrome-plated option, these types of MAX AMP alternators are also available in possibly polished aluminum, Stealth Black, or even factory appearing Cast PLUS+ coatings. Both the Mustang and Jeep versions include a six-groove clutched pulley. Also, they are available in both 175 amp plus 250-amp versions.

In case you are ready to upgrade your ride with the most recent from TUFF STUFF, you can Click here for the most recent Tuff Stuff Performance catalog .

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