Plum Crazy Mopar: Does It Get Any Better Than This?

By Mark Weisseg

Again I take you back in order to SEMA two years ago and we had been wandering around aimlessly trying to bring it all in. Then, the two all of us old guys stumble on to this plum crazy Mopar. We lost ourself in the paint detail, engine these types of, and interior. The car was therefore flawless it was worthy of additional time in order to gawk at. I mean we had a lot more to do and see but Craig and am are old Mopar guys as the primary goal even though I have strayed into additional cars. But this car has been just so nice we desired to take it all in and exchange a story or two about these types of cars.

You see, Father started us on Superbirds, Rechargers, Roadrunners, Demons, Hemi engines and much more. So , we cut our tooth on these great cars from the sixties and seventies but I actually admit for me they fell from favor when I saw a Dodge GLH and a Duster remained Roadrunner. And we both still have a very deep devotion for the older Mopar’ s which rock and roll star hit the basketball out of the park.

We all question how they went from Cuda’ s, Challengers, Chargers, and Roadrunners, to rehashed Darts, Dodge 200’ s, and PT Cruisers. It had been a fall from grace with all the Plymouth name being dumped in the line up and the Dodge Ram getting just Ram. Now, I browse the CEO of Fiat Chrysler sailed an idea to merge with Common Motors. An unlikely marriage for certain but I could picture Dad moving over in his grave.

We all know things change and at situations it is hard to accept the adjustments. Just think of all the car names which are no longer with us. Let me throw the bone and you finish the thought. AMC, Studebaker, Packard, Mercury, Cord, Auburn, Essex, and… ….

Let’ s hope moving forward the best guys don’ t slap titles like Cuda on a weak vehicle that does not deserve the title. Opposition certainly got it right as do Mustang and Camaro. But , I am going to scream if I see another vehicle named after a classic from the 60’ s or 70’ s without having regard to its heritage.

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