Car Talk: From smoke to Clean Air.

By Mark Weisseg

I love classic quick cars, obviously muscle cars and am love trains. Mix the two with each other and I am one happy kitty. This picture shows everything that I really like and hate about both. It really is why the image is so great.

Let’ s assume the particular photograph was taken the middle of the to late 1930’ s because the car fits into that body work. Both the car and the train locomotive engines were pollution makers with there best. The train went on coal and the car certainly on gasoline. If you have ever worked with fossil fuel you know it is very dirty. And the proof is pouring out the piles of this train.
Nowadays, both cars and trains are usually nearly pollution free. As are industrial facilities across the world. Society agreed at a single point we could not keep polluting our air forever and everybody seems on board except possibly a couple of countries.

I can remember a time as late as the 1950’ s and 60’ s that the mans white shirt would be dark brown at the end of the day from the soot in the air. These days if I see pollution like this I actually cringe. There is simply no reason we ought to pour out the black smoke cigarettes like we did years ago. Who desires filthy air or water? The queue would be short.

Therefore , we all love to reminisce about the traditional days but like any old guy which has seen both sides of the gold coin not everything was good after that. Jets would pour black smoke cigarettes out of the engines, diesels were extremely dirty and we made excuses from our factories that the black smoke cigarettes was a necessary by product for your products produced. All that is hog wash. It did make for some good back drops to old films. The look and suspense of those outdated back and white films wouldn’ capital t be the same without the steam plus smoke.

Today, we now have clean diesel technology. Heavy duty vehicles do not pour out the fossil fuel like they once did, plus our trains are as thoroughly clean as we can imagine. The good old days are usually here now and in the future even as we get even smarter and much better than we are now.

I really like my old cars but is not going to allow them to blow black smoke cigarettes, blue smoke or any smoke any more. There is just no justification for this. When I see how far we have are available in the diesel business since only the year 2002 I feel proud all of us put our heads together plus figured this out.

This is essentially why muscle vehicles will live on. Most think the particular huge displacements will die out there, but alternative fuels can be used as well as the cars adapted if needed. These types of old trains still run and can enjoy the bellowing smoke once in a while as you may know its an one off. The smoke cigarettes then becomes a treat not a danger.

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