The Most Badass Classic Muscle Cars You'll Find Under $15,000 Today

In the ’60s and ’70s, muscle cars ruled American streets. Today, these classic cars are usually rare to see in good operating condition and are usually sold for huge amount of money in auctions. They are often seen in the particular garages of rich collectors plus celebrities. But contrary to the initial presumption, not all classic muscle vehicles come with sky-high price tags .

With thorough research and maybe good bargaining skills, scoring many of the most badass classic muscle cars just for $15, 000 or lower is really a piece of cake. Here are just some of the best types we found online.

10 1966 Plymouth Valiant : $15, 000

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The Plymouth Valiant is an elegant car produced by Plymouth from 1963 to 1966. It came in 2 and four-door body styles that will both carried a dependable Slant Six engine.

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While many from the muscle cars back then were virtually guzzling fuel, the Plymouth Valiant became the go-to choice for individuals who seek the typical muscle car as well as performance but with fuel efficiency in your mind. If taken care of properly, these vehicles can live on for a long time. Used products of this model can start from $15, 000.

9 1971 Dodge Dart Swinger – $12, 000

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Once called the particular ugliest car of all time, the well-known Dodge Dart Swinger has had a rough period trying to make its mark of all time. This muscle car was in line with the successful Plymouth Valiant and even gives the same chassis. But because of its encouraging qualities, it didn’t take really miss people to pick up on the scent of the good vehicle and so Dodge marketed nearly 4. 3 million Darts in a span of 14 many years.

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While the Dodge Dart is one of the best first muscle tissue cars , some people prefer to rank it as an economy car due to how versatile it is. If you’re searching for one, expect models to go about for $12, 000 or more.

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8 1973 Ford Mustang — $15, 000

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Everyone knows what a Ford Mustang is. However, not everybody has had the opportunity to ride with the Mustangs that paved the way to the modern days. 1973 was the last year for this Mustang’s body design before it carried a new style.

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This pony included several engine options to offer including a capable 140 hp V8. It had been made available in three body designs namely a coupe, fastback, plus convertible. From an original MSRP associated with $2, 000 to $3, 500, these units now cost a small over $15, 000.

7 1974 Chevrolet Nova — $14, 000

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If you’re looking for something under the Chevy brand, then the 1974 Chevrolet Volkswagen is just about the most badass classic Chevrolet you can buy cheap utilized . It was produced in five decades and was discontinued and changed by the Citation in 1980.

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The 1974 Chevy Nova came with the 194-cubic-inch 3. 2 L straight-six engine and originally cost $2, 919. These days, these can go for a few hundred thousand dollars especially if found from dealerships. But it isn’t very difficult to find private sellers that market units in good condition for $14, 000 to $15, 000.

six 1974 Dodge Phone chrgr – $15, 000

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Everyone knows just how snazzy the particular newer Chargers are these days. Yet every car enthusiast knows that they have definitely had better days. The particular 1974 model, for example , had muscles written all over it.

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This boxy beauty came with a typical 225-cubic inch Slant Six energy mill while a V8 choice can be acquired for an extra 45 hewlett packard. It also came in several body designs but the two-door coupe variant included an original price of $3, 327. These days, used units in good condition might want to use as much as $15, 000

5 1977 Pontiac Trans Was – $9, 000

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When folks talk about classic muscle cars, the particular Pontiac Trans Am is a title that simply can’t be missed. The particular defunct brand has produced lots of vehicles in its hay day yet none can compete with the well-known reputation of the 1977 Pontiac Trans Am. In fact , the car is so well-known that even Jay Leno has one in his garage which is why it’s such a waste to find out these cars abandoned .

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The original vehicle comes with a $5, 456 MSRP. Yet today, these can reach more than $500, 000 based on which model you buy and to buy it from. The good news is there are still private sellers who are ready to sell it for just over $9, 500.

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4 1978 Plymouth Duster — $11, 000

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The particular Plymouth Duster was a product associated with another time that Plymouth made a decision to make one more car based on the Valiant. Though it was definitely smaller in size, the majority of the spaces that mattered in the Duster like the legroom, and headroom had been almost the same in the Valiant.

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This mini muscle car a new price tag of just over $5, 1000 which is why it’s one of the best Plymouths that are unreasonably cheap . Customers could also pick between five engine choices including Slant Six and OF V8 power mills.

3 1973 Pontiac Lemans – $13, 000

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If you’re searching for a fuel-efficient car with muscle underneath the hood, then you better keep looking. But if you don’t mind a classic gas-guzzler taking large sips from your finances, then the 1973 Pontiac Lemans is among the greatest ’70s muscle vehicles you can find for under $20, 000 .

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Although some owners grumble about rust in used systems, there are some of them that may even need a complete resurrection . In case you have about $13, 000, you will absolutely bound to find one still in great, working condition. Some of the Lemans benefits include its head-turning looks, not surprisingly, reliability, and overall performance.

2 1970 Chrysler 300 : $14, 000

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The chrysler 300 was first introduced in 1955 with the convertible body being stopped in 1971. Though the more modern variations of this model come with competitive energy, the 1970 Chrysler 300 experienced two mean engine options which are sure to put up a fight.

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Automobile Catalog lists the 1970 Chrysler 300’s top speed at a small over 120 mph. After fifty years, owners of used devices still find the Chrysler 300’s efficiency dependable thanks to its firm speed, good handling and, reliable brake ability.

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1 1973 Plymouth Satellite – $14, 1000

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The 1973 Plymouth Satellite started as a top cut for the company’s Beldevere line. Yet unlike the muscle cars which were built a decade earlier, the concept of “muscle” was slowly starting to fade in the limelight. Plymouth, being wise, made a decision to lean the Satellite towards protection and luxury-focused parameters.

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The car came with a 225-cubic in . six-cylinder engine capable of 110 horsepower. This was then paired with a three-speed manual transmission and came with an original $2, 867 MSRP. Today, decent utilized units can go for $14, 000.

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