NEW! Two Vehicles, One Shot Feat. Seth Quintero, Mitch Guthrie and Johnny FPV

What happens when two SXS race champions and a world renown jingle pilot are dropped in the middle of Manley Valley to take on the iconic California king of the Hammers desert? Two Automobiles,   One Shot!   Johnny FPV , learn of aerial POV footage, forces the speed of flight to capture  Seth Quintero and Mitch Guthrie Jr.   within a single-take, uncut action edit as they two young racers gun this to the top of the mountain, carving their very own lines and crawling over the desert’s biggest rocks.

The 5-minute action-packed piece chases and exposes the velocity and downright grit these two possess behind the wheel. It’s an one-of-a-kind POV piece that weaves, shadows plus pirouettes through the desert.

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