Its What You Own, Not How Many….

By Mark Weisseg

This picture is not an image of my collection. Oh simply no, mine is much smaller. This selection is a friend of mine as well as the picture does not do it justice. Finally count there were over 100 automobiles in there all of which have a special which means. The building is heated and cooled down and the air gets exchanged since needed.

Typical selection? Heck no, but this guy gained his money via hard work plus decided this would be his pleasure. Indeed, they run tours through the location with a guy leading the group who may be more than just an employee. He is a friend, someone, a worker and an invaluable resource to the care of the collection. Everybody here is nice, proud, and soon enough for our hobby. So , that’ t the way it has to be right? Incorrect.

Whether you have a single car or a hundred it is not quantity or the size for once. Size is not important at all. What matters is if you do have a Mercury Maruader with a 390 underneath the lid and you love it then it’ s your collection. Having a single classic car costs money, period, energy, and more. More meaning another thing you should have done like clean out the particular gutters lost out to you cleaning down the valve covers or placing armor all on your interior – again.

Please having caught up with the guys you may know or hear about that they have a storage space building with twenty five sweet vehicles in it and you poor loser just have one. One is great and enjoy it. Take it to a show, generate it with a smile and share your own happiness with others. The big children are always out there. Let them have some fun yet do not take your eye off your reward. At every show I will see a few drop dead sweet car modern in and think he has obtained the best. Sure enough 15 minutes later another thing rolls in that is better and the very first guy is bummed out. Allow them to worry about egos. Keep yours under control and enjoy whatever you have. Even if they have a few flaws in it- what exactly. It is yours and be proud of your own wheels. Simply enjoy the hobby since it is meant to be for the regular folk.

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